Okay so when I make food for people in the house I don't get thank yous. I made food last time for everybody, and I didn't get one thank you. So I made me breakfast this morning. Not anyone else food because its obviously not appreciated.

I finish my meal a few minutes ago, and my mom comes busting in my room yelling at me like she usually does assuming, and blaming me for things. Then she comes out and say did you even make your father food? Like come on I don't even really talk to the guy and you so we're like strangers in this house.

Don't come to me, and ***** at me because I'm taking care of myself. I'm not going to break my back when no one even asks, or say thank you. I'm so tired of this.

Everyday its either something old, or something new.
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My step mom does the same thing to me. When ever I sweep, do dishes, clean the counter,etc.. She never says thanks. But when my little brother sweeps she says thanks and sometimes even takes him
To Tim Hortons. My step mom also blames a lot of stuff on me too and it's really annoying because I get in trouble more then anyone else

My parents do the the same thing. They never appreciate me when I do the chores or cook. Yesterday I was getting ready for a party and my mom came I to my my room and ordered me to make tea for my dad even though they have a horrible relationship.

Exactly! Like can our parents make up their minds. I'm tired of this crap. They better not expect anything special in the future

And they do from me. They expect me to become a doctor. They are not bad parents but I wish they could appreciate my efforts.

Thats all I want to. I want normal loving parents that most kids take for granted. Not this

Same I wish I just had a normal family.

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