Sometimes I Wish I Don't Have A Family

At the end of last year my uncle moved in my family's home and about three weeks later tragic hit the family as my brother split from his partner of seven years they have two kids together and last year they moved away to Skegness to be near her mum and sister  and we all new something was going to happen .  We think it was a plan to get him over their so they could rent a house from her parants not soon after she was sleeping around with not one guy but two she goes out most weekends drinking and going clubbing with her 16 year old sister buying her drinks and putting pornographic photos on face book but their first born who is seven wants to live with her daddy and he as rights over his youngest but not his first born but she is not letting him have any rights over her and its so sad she crys her heart out thats in her own words a seven year old saying that .  Its getting worser my parants are having to fork out on money every weekend to let him see his kids and to pay for everything for him to live and also look after my uncle who is so selfish he will not spend a nickle and its my dads birthday and he said he cannot afford him a present and i think its a disgrace that my dad lets him live here for note and at 41 you would have thaught he would be living on his own .  It is effecting all the family the more i speak out the more angry they get specialy my dad its like he still see's him as a little boy and still protecting him i have just had enough with the bad luck of our family its a shure well known curse is what i say .

kerryj8de17 kerryj8de17
18-21, F
Feb 25, 2010