Bubble Bath

George enjoyed a hot bath after a long day. He spent so much time recording, making special appearances, gigging, ect. A nice, hot bubble bath was a perfect way to relax. I enjoyed them too...and what better way to enjoy one than with my man.
This is a little story about such an evening unwinding together.
I was in the tub with George when he suddenly told me to turn my back towards him.
"You seem a bit tense.", he explained. Turning my back as he'd asked, I soon felt George's warm, sudsy hands massaging me.
I couldn't hold back a soft moan as he did this, humming quietly and kissing my neck and shoulders as he moved downward. It felt so good!
"Do you like that?", he asked. I simply nodded in response, too relaxed/turned on to speak.
Before I knew it, George had lifted me out of the tub and was carrying me to our bed, a towel wrapped around his waist...and me wrapped in another.
Laying me down gently, George tenderly began drying me off, soon leaving me curled up naked on the bed. When he had dried himself off, he began kissing me once more.
Our mouths capturing each other hungrily, we kissed passionately, George moving down my body. He didn't seem to notice when his towel fell away either. Soon, we were making love.
I moaned louder when George reached between my legs, touching my sweet spot and tracing his fingers there. Once he inserted a finger or two, moving them about inside of me, I cried out in pleasure and came all over his hand.
Removing his fingers, George allowed me to suckle them clean as he eased himself into me.
I held onto him, moaning his name as we continued to ****.
When it was over, I laid there in a daze as he dressed me in a nightie and panties and himself in some boxers.
We fell asleep, nice and clean in each other's arms.

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Jan 16, 2013