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Disclaimer: For those of you who have read my stories before, I have a pattern here. I like it when the victim runs; I like opening her stomach up; I like it when she begs for my mercy; and I like to fall asleep with her afterward. :)

The wood splinters into my arms when I press them further into the wood railings so I may rest my head against them as I wait. It has been a rather unsuccessful and slow day. Nobody travels alone anymore, and if they do then they’re male. It’s so disappointing. I think of how short I am to barely be able to rest my arms against the railing. But then again, I’m at the height disadvantage of uneven ground, considering I’m off the boardwalk. I wish this wasn’t taking so long.
My heart races at the sound of footsteps rapidly pounding the wood of the boardwalk. I take a moment to decide if they’re worth my time… yes, I believe it’s just a set. I arrange my face to that of what I hope is a convincingly distressed teenager. I clear my throat a little before crying out in an exasperated and desperate voice, “Shiloh!”
My spirits are lifted and I about scream with joy when I see the silhouette of a girl stop in her tracks. I’m certain she’s making sure she’s heard right. “Shiloh! Where are you? Come here, boy!” I use the excitement I feel to make my voice sound more worried and upset. The silhouette starts venturing closer to me. I walk out of view, pretending to search everywhere around me. When I walk back to where I was before, the girl is leaning over the railing.
She looks at me hesitantly, “Hey, umm… are you okay?”
I let my eyes water and my words to stumble, “I lost… I… my dog… and we’ve never been here before…”
“Hey, it’s okay. Shh, it’s okay. I can help you find her, if you like.”
“Are you sure? I… I don’t want to hold you up.”
“No, no. It’s totally cool. I can run later.” She offers me a smile, “Come on, let’s go find your dog. What’s his name? Shiloh, was it?” I nod and look at her, hoping my expression conveys just the right amount of gratitude. She smiles a phony can-do smile and says, “Okay, where did you lose him?”
I point down the off-trail trail and explain how little I know of the area. I lead her further down the trail by “thinking out loud” that maybe he would return to the place where I lost him. He’s smart like that, after all. I hear the running water of the miniature waterfall, caused by a drainage pipe. I know we’re close. Then I can’t hold my excitement in any longer. I start laughing.
My beautiful girl has stopped in her tracks and demanded to know what is so funny. I take her by the hand and take my dagger out from the inside of my shorts. Before she has time to think much on it, I hold out her hand and stab her in the middle of it. She lets out a piercing scream and is completely stupefied by the change in events. She breaks free of my hold and runs back the way we came. I giggle madly to myself.
I’m not worried about her escape. I know she won’t get far. We had to climb across several logs and walk through some water to get here. Plus, I run for a living. I can hear her sobs coming from downstream. I know exactly where she is. I run after her. She starts screaming bloody murder when she hears me coming. I could almost kiss her, I love her reactions so much!
I grab her by the hair and thrust her onto the ground. I hear a thud and realize there are rocks beneath her… oops. Her hair is caught in her mouth, so I brush it away as she screams. Then, I take my dagger and stab one of her legs. I make her use me as a crutch so that we can get back to the mini-waterfall that I love so much. Each time she tries to use her injured leg, she screams out in pain and I can feel my body becoming more and more aroused.
By the time we reach my spot I can hardly stand how much I want to cut her up. I gently lay her down on the ground. When I go to straddle her, she kicks me in the stomach with her good leg and starts trying to crawl away. I clap my hands because I just cannot hide my happiness of this moment, and I walk toward her. I let her get a little farther before I grab her leg and pull her back to the original spot.
And then I cut her shirt off her and fixate on her stomach. Her cries of pain make me want nothing more than to hurry the process, but I know my climax won’t be as strong if I rush through my art. I push my knife into the center of her chest and drag my dagger down the middle of her stomach. With each inch of skin I feel myself get hotter. As I cut deeper into her, I feel my body cry out for more. Each inch of slicing, each scream of relived pain, each gush of blood makes me press my body harder against hers. I hear myself moan and momentarily am caught off-guard by my own pleasure.
Then I bring my tongue to her navel and lick along the line of blood. I smile up at her and kiss her so that she can taste her own blood. Perhaps she can enjoy her death as well. … I should hope not. I dig my dagger into her skin again and cut two more lines, one at each end of the first line. Her sobs are full of agony and pain. She cries for me to let her live, and she promises me the world. I try to assure her that she’ll be okay. And I dig my fingers into the first line I cut. Her skin is warm and wet with blood. She cries out with pleas of mercy. I smile at her, and then I watch as I pry her skin apart and open her up like a book.
Her blood pours all around her. I dig through her stomach and caress her intestines. As I press my body against hers the blood soaks through my clothes and collides with my already wet being. I find her heart and let it pulse against the palm of my hand. As it pulses against me I feel my body pleading as my beautiful girl once did. The torture of waiting any longer is just too much. I take hold of her heart and my body screams in ecstasy. It beats once more against my hand before I clench it and dig my nails into it, and I cry out as my body’s desires are satisfied. I collapse on top of my perfect work of art and allow myself to fall asleep.
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I love you stories!

You never disappoint XC! A similar theme to your other stories, but still fresh and exciting!! Inspiration indeed:)