Something Abut Me

I like fantasies about cruel women, I like to fantazise about women killing and torturering defenseless people. The victims should be adult humans, preferably male. Never children or animals. I believe this interest comes from my childhood. My first intense fysical contact with a member of the opposite sex was when I was about seven and a girl a few years older attacked and strangled me, I think I almost lost conciseness but I'm not sure. In prepuberty I had fantasies about men and some times my self killing and torturing other people (I still do but not often) but during puberty I first had fantasies about me and girls I liked killing together and later I diapered from the picture all together. I myself avoids killing even flys and I am a relay kind person. I'm against capital punishment, by the way.

I have a definite fetish for leather and guns, but only if thera are sexy women wearing/carrying it/them. This acts as an enhancer, it makes me more interested. I can apriciathe the sight of an attractive woman no matter what she wheres but if she wheres leather she's automatically more interesting and it lowers the bar for what I find attractive. I think this started even earlier I remember fantasies about leather from maybe five years old and again in pre puberty I fantasied about wearing it but after puberty I lost interest in that and only fantasied about girls in leather.

I have anti fetishes as well. Tobacco or uniforms in any form makes a women less interesting sexually than a pice of granite. And leather clothing can't be the wrong color or style. Oh and hats, a girl in a hat can be cute but It's really hard for me to find her sexy.
xerxesapeire xerxesapeire
31-35, M
Jan 11, 2013