My Love In the Night

This may sound twisted, but I fantasize about a thug, who is desease free, breaks into my place to try and rob me, but I show him that I have no fear of him. As he try to tie me up, I began to hold him and touch his **** aggressively, he doesn't resist. That gives me the go ahead and unzip his pants and begin to massage his **** with my mouth through his knitted fitting boxer shorts (gray, so I can see the shape of his ****). While doing this, I noticed that he has a fresh scent as though he just got out of the shower, that turns me on more! When he is completely aroused, I would then slip on a condom and caress and suck away! Then take off his shirt and use the tip of my tongue and teeth to give his nipples an awakening, sending him to ecstasy, then back to his **** until he explode with a loud moan and he his vibrating!

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2 Responses Mar 15, 2009

Lol I know that's right!

I hope your thug works my neighborhood. Maybe you can bring him there and the two of you can break into my house and subject me to the same! I feel another **** session is in order!