Climax Only With The Old Boyfriend

When my girlfriend went away to college, we tried to maintain our long distance love affair. We had been together for over two years. She was my first and only true girlfriend. We were both virgins and learned about sex together, first in long make-out sessions after school each day. This went on for weeks, and the most we did was lie on top of each other and hump while passionately kissing.

One day while upstairs in her bedroom during one of our sessions, I reached into her pants from behind. The petting gradually got bolder.

One night, we went to a drive-in movie (remember those). We were kissing very passionately. I was feeling her breasts but not her nipples. She claimed to see somebody in the movie get kicked and told me that must have hurt. In a flirting tone, I asked where he was kicked and she momentarily brushed her hand on my crotch and said, “Here.” While continuing to kiss, I took her hand and placed it on my crotch again. She left it there for a minute then pulled away again. Once again I took her hand, but this time she began to squeeze and feel my penis through my pants. While I was touching her breasts, she was feeling her first penis.

After a couple of minutes, I opened my pants and pulled them down in the back seat. She was feeling my erect penis through my underwear. When I finally pulled those down too, she touched it for a minute but began to cry. That was the beginning of our full sexual experimentation, and before long I was fumbling with my **** in her vagina. Instead of our daily make-out sessions, we were having daily intercourse.

Eventually, she graduated and went away to college. We tried to maintain a long distance relationship. I would visit whenever I could, and we’d have sex while I was there for weekends, sometimes in a motel room and sometimes in my car (when I didn’t have enough money for a motel).

On one visit, I sensed something strange. She wore unusually sexy cloths. We went to a motel room, but instead of her usual shy behavior, she seemed more open. She undressed and she kept her knee socks on. We got in bed and she was a little more aggressive. We made love with her on top and I came rather quickly. The most significant thing was when she asked, “Is that it?”

Time went on and we eventually broke up when I learned she was cheating on me. After a time, we got back together and got married. I never knew much of what happened and just figured the distance caused us to temporarily grow apart.

What got us together was a note she sent me saying she thought she loved Nick but realized she loved me. She said she couldn’t live without me.

After many years of marriage, we would watch a triple X movie and have hot sex. I would stimulate her in the front and back with my fingers and she would come very hard. During one night of hot sex, I asked if it felt like her old boyfriend in her. When she was about to climax, I asked if she came when Nick f_cked her. She told me “Yes.” As I continued, I asked if he was much bigger, and she said, “He was thicker.” On other occasions, I asked if he had a big **** and balls. She would only tell me, “It doesn’t matter.”

Eventually over time, I learned bit by bit that she climaxed just about every time they made love. She has never climaxed with me during intercourse, even though I’m bigger than average; I guess just not quite long or thick enough.

She resists telling me anything and thinks it’s very strange that I want to know. She says that was a special time and is private.

It still drives me crazy, and I often fantasize while jerk ing off or making love about her coming during sex with Nick.

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51-55, M
Aug 8, 2010