Give Me..

I posted this in another group but it seems to fit here also....

We're out walking. Doesn't matter where... the woods.. the beach.. the open countryside.. the middle of a shopping centre..
You turn to me and say: "Give me your clothes."

"Pardon," I say.

"You heard me, give me your clothes."

"What? Here? Now? But I can't just..."

"NOW. Give me your clothes. Now!"

"Err.. OK..."

I begin to *****. Shoes first, then socks. I pick them up and hand them over to you. I look straight into your eyes, trying to determine some hint of a joke or a 'gotcha!' coming, but nothing. You are mildly amused but deadly serious.

"Come on, what are you waiting for? Get 'em off and hand 'em over."

"Are you sure about..."

"Look. You said you'd do this for me. Now do it. Get your clothes off and give them to me."

The sweatshirt comes off over my head and joins my shoes and socks in the plastic bag you've somehow conjured up from somewhere.

As does the t-shirt.

The belt comes loose and the trousers are slid down and off. They follow the rest of my clothes into your bag.

One last look at your face and a last hope for reprieve flickers out.

"Look. You aren't getting these back," you say holding the bag up and shaking it, "so, unless you want to make your own way back home in just your underpants, I suggest you get those off as well."

So off they come and I hand them over to you.

"Finally" you say, more to yourself than to me, and they go in the bag too. "Now. Where are you taking me for lunch?"

I'm kind of dumbstruck at the moment. I'm standing here, naked, having just given you all my clothes simply because you asked for them.

I watch as you start to walk off, humming to yourself and swinging the bag to and fro. Then, after a few paces, you suddenly turn as if you'd just spotted something out of the corner of your eye.

You had. You take a few steps to your left and innocently throw the bag into a rubbish bin.

"Well?.. aren't you coming?..." you smile as you've noticed I haven't followed. "Come on. I fancy italian for lunch. Let's go to that little place..............."
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Lets give them a try sometime :P