I want someday a boy Côme to my house with all fat food and start to feed me my belly so hurt and grow my butt start to be big and my boobs to i pop one button two button and totaly explode my shirt after my pence to explode Because of the fat and i continu to be feed after my bra pop Because of my fat big boobs and im super fat i totaly destroyed the house whit my belly and my boobs :)
FatbellygirlxO FatbellygirlxO
22-25, F
3 Responses Aug 24, 2014

Did you used to be thin?

I would love to feed you by hand and watch as your belly gets bigger! I will enjoy seeing you resting with empty food wrappers all around you and hear as you make a loud, rumbling belch and then say, "More food, please!" :-)

May you get very fat and make your dreams come true! :)