E*trade Babies

Every E* Trade baby commercial is hilarious.."Shank-a-potamus"    ..E*trade babies cry because their broker is flaunting  his wealth..Haaaaa!!   Or the  baby is talking to his buddy about saving your finances ..the little guy in the background won't stop singing ," Broken Wings".
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2 Responses May 28, 2010

I LOVE the e*trade babies. My favorite is the one where he has his 'friend' Lindsey over 'that milkaholic'. ROFLMAO That is such a clever creative idea! Now babies sell stocks...<br />
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I created a couple of stories in this group about the e*trade babies.

I know..they're all a riot. The one on the plane & his buddy keeps saying, " DAD! Dad, is that you"? Or the e *baby throws up.ah! Priceless.