Here, We Call Them "adverts"...

This was probably near enough ten years ago now. My mum, little sister, niece, gran and I went on a holiday to Haven (a British holiday camp) for a week.

I remember one night me and my gran were sitting watching TV while my mum got the younger ones ready for bed. I think we were watching Graham Norton's chat show then when it was over my gran started flicking through channels until we got to Channel 4 and saw this advert.

An old lady gets a knock on her door, it turns out a trucker's rig has broken down and he needs to call for assistance, she allows him in to use the phone. While he makes his call the old lady looks out the window and sees he's transporting the beer, Carlsberg. Once he's finished with the phone she asks him, "Would you like to use the bathroom?" (in a very sweet voice), he says yes and she leads him into a room with a hole in the floor. He looks puzzled until she pushes him down the thing, pulls the trap door shut and kicks the rug back over it.

For some reason my gran loved the advert and we had a good laugh about it during the rest of our holiday. And she brought it up quite a lot for nearly a year after we'd first seen it: telling me she'd seen it on telly, asking me if I had seen it recently and randomly asking "Would you like to use the bathroom?" (just like the little old lady). It was a bit crazy at the time but always a good laugh.

With the big age gap between me and my four older siblings who used to always stay with my gran when they were younger, it was nice to feel like I had a story about just me and my gran for me to share with the rest while they were telling theirs. It always makes me smile when I think of it and has a very firm place in my fond memories section so that's why it's won its place as my favourite telly ad.

It was on again, not too long ago, and we were still able to have a good chuckle about it :)
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May 19, 2012