I Have Recently Been Loosing Feeling In My Bowel

Im so happy Ive found this group! Its so rare to find such a thing. I will share my 2 cents.
I have a degree of a disability called Spina Bifida. Most people with this diablity have some kind of problems below the waist. When I was young I wore nappies.I used to walk home from school and by the time I got home I had pooped. This carried on till I was 10.....I think.
After that I grained bowel control, though it remained weak, as well as my bladder.
Recently within the past year I have been loosing control. It started with a funny feeling in my belly, which I didnt bother with, next thing I knew I had just pooped! Embarrassing. So, I ended up visiting the doc, who poked and prodded me down there and said, "can you feel what Im doing?" I said, no. Then she said, can you squeeze my finger, and I said, No, again.
This gave her great concern, so I was sent to get a scan. Seems like there is muscle surrounding my bowel and rectum that just stopped working! When the fecal matter gets to my bowel, it just slides down into my rectum and out. My anus doesnt have much muscle tone to it. It was damaged when I was 10...but that a story for another board...my poop is solid, mostly, but uncontrolable, so when I start going, I dont stop.The thing is, its not runny. My intestines are working fine enough to push everything round, but when it gets to my rectum, it just falls out! I am slowly loosing feeling back there. I cannot tell the different between wind and the need to go.
After this I was sent to the nurse. And she gave me adult nappies/diapers, whatever you wana call them. The first thing I had was a look of horror when she produce this great big thing that she told me I had to wear! It felt like my whole world was now gona be one big embarrasement, just one big circus act, with me as the chief nappy clown....she gave me lessons on how to wear one. which I disregarded...untill I was walking about a crowded shopping centre and I could feel a warmth in my pants. This was the last straw... I bit my lip and decided to wear the monster nappy. ...it felt weird at first. Untill that time when I found out I had pooped, then I was relived I had the nappy on. It gave me the chance not to worry where the toilets are just incase, do I need to rush,? or wonder have I have pooped already...?
Being fecal incontinent is hassle. You have to carry spare pads, you have to know where the toilets are, you have to wonder, Have I just went? I have to wear pads everyday now. First it used to be every so often, nows its a new one after I change the last.
I consider myself fortunate in a way, I have a good doctor that is clued up and is prepared to help. I get regular suppy of meds, bisacodle, pads. Some people dont get the fraction of that help.
lillieuser lillieuser
26-30, M
Sep 20, 2012