46yo Male with bowel incontinence

I originally suffered from rectal bleeding at the age of 13 and did not say anything to anyone, over the years the problem got worse with abdominal pain and diarrhoea. Once I was in my 30's the problem was severe enough to cause severe diarrhoea up to 20 times a day. I ended up in hospital after collapsing and was diagnosed with IBS. I was fortunate to have private health insurance and went to see a consultant privately. Investigations revealed I had a rectal ulcer which being left untreated for 25 years was the biggest the consultant had ever seen. Steroid foam was prescribed which did not help along with biofeedback at st Marks Hospital in London. I had an abdominal rectopexy performed in London 3 weeks before we moved area.
We then moved from England to Wales and the problem was very severe and I was admitted to hospital after collapsing and it was established that I was losing a pint of blood daily from my ulcer. I was now under a new consultant who decided the only option was a bowel resection which was duly performed.
Things seemed to improve for a while, but the urgency came back along with bowel incontinence on a regular basis.
My 'new' consultant by this time had given up practicing due to bowel cancer and passed away shortly after. I was now in a position where I had to look for another consultant, once again under private healthcare. This meant all investigations had to be performed again as my record was not available to him.
In 2006 I had a serious fall down the stairs, resulting in a multiple fractures including my skull, neck and spine.this thankfully was not as bad as it could have been and I was not paralysed. My urgency did however get worse and I had yet another operation (Delormes Procedure).
Five years down the road and my bowel is such that I have little if any warning that I need to open my bowels and have had to go down the route of wearing nappy style incontinence pads. My current job involves travelling all over the South Wales valleys and there is little chance of finding a toilet. I have a 'cant wait card', toilet finder app on my phone as well as looking for supermarkets, and doctors surgeries for toilet facilities. This is not sufficient and I am currently off work 'sick' and have had more visits with my consultant and a barium enema to establish how much of my bowel was removed to determine if a colostomy is possible or if I would require an ileostomy. One week till I see my consultant to discuss this. There are times when I seem to be ok and I am able to wear normal underwear (normally only when at home) and I think do I really need a stoma?. There are other days where I have several accidents and use up to six nappies a day, and these times think I really need to get this operation done. For now though I am waiting for next week.
Chivvy Chivvy
Dec 12, 2012