My Forbiden Love

I think I am in love with my wife's sister. Normally this would not be an issue, but her sister is 11 years old. What makes it worse is I also think her sister like or even loves me. Because of life issues my wife and I had to move in with her mother and family. She warned me her sister had some issues but this is crazy. She, my wife's sister(11), will walk into my room but naked after a shower then lean over my bed to talk to me. I try to not look but i am a man and she is hot and sexy, her breasts are already bigger then my wife's. She dose this almost every day and she talks to me for 30min to an hour. This all happens when my wife is at work. I watch our infant son at night so i cant really leave. She also flashes and gives me deliberate prolonged looks at her ***** as well. She sat on my bed and asked if i liked ***** that were pink, while spreading her lips. She also masturbates and then when she knows i can see her doing it she dose it harder and faster. She has even asked to watch me do it. She is a little more discreet when other are around but not much. When other are around she runs around in booty shorts and no panties, no bra and a lose hanging shirt and then dose the same kind of behavior. Once, while wearing her shorts with no undies, she sat on my lap while everyone is watching a movie. No one, not even my wife thinks anything of it, she then started rubbing her *** up and down on my now erect penis. I have been very strong but i don't know how to fix this without me seeming like a sick person.
UgbarSmash UgbarSmash
31-35, M
Dec 13, 2012