12 Year Difference

I met him when he was 10, and i was barley in my twenties. never a thought in my mind anything would come out of it. he was my friends little brother. Over the years i saw him sporadicly. Recently, I moved near his uncle and began seeing him every so often, he was 17 at this time. Now he is 19, and he definitely is still young minded, and i do not see this going anywhere serious, but there is flirting and hand holding and hugs.
In years past he always, always, gave me compliments and though he is younger, it always impressed me how bold and assertive he was at claiming such feelings for me. Never till he turned 18 did he ever approach it physical like holding hands or hugs.
I know this won't go anywhere, and his parents are all to aware and curious that we flirt, (he will hug me at the dinner table), but i am not looking for a relationship
it is rare enough in my life, to have some sort of feelings for someone so young. maybe it was his ongoing years of persistent doting that got my attention, but anyway, somethings there.
its a short story, but wanted to post one to break the ice in the category

bananaanna bananaanna
May 20, 2012