2 More Sleeps ........

.........I will be sitting on the big bird again to see the man I fell in love with since March 17 2007.  Time flies...where had all those days and months gone?

The feeling of anticipation each time I know we will be meeting still exist in me.. Still the butterfly stomach when I get the first hug and kisses at the airport.  The big bed... the high chair where I usually sit to watch him prepare breakfast... the bathtub where I will have half my body in the tub and both legs hanging out just watching him shave :P.... the couch where we watched movies together... the slow walk at the pavement next to the beach.... all the restaurant we been to.... the car ride to supermarket getting groceries ... the dives we both did together in Oman... and many many more which I will missed very very much after this month comes to and end.

Not sure how long this sad missing him feelings will remain in me....but for the time being... I wish today stays today.  That way I dont need to fly...I dont need to know that I will be hugging and kissing him....and thereafter I have to let go???

I did asked him if this will be my last trip to see him... He in return asked me 'No, why did you said that'?  Are you not allow to go to Italy and Norway?  I couldn't answer him.....cos deep inside I need to accept the reality of the day where I can no longer love him as much as I want to.

Imagine ....knowing D day is approching... and yet I can't do a single thing to stop it from happening?  How excruciating is that?

Eternal Eternal
31-35, F
Feb 17, 2010