The feeling is always fleeting. I feel like I'm moments away from hashing out some really awesome concept, but then it's like I run out of processor power in my brain, and I forget where the super complex enlightening concept was going. Damn.
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I feel like that A LOT.

it's important to strive but not in a anxious way. It's not like defusing a bomb. More like an interesting unscored game with no real end.

Try to remember. Give the command and it will come to you Automatically from there. When it is ready.<br />
<br />
Also helps to have a cell phone, if you do not. Blackberry I have has audio, video, picture recording. And I can make my own memos. Even on the fly researching (Internet) with WiFi.

I totally feel the same way. I get so close to learning something about myself and then poof...its gone:(

LMAO!!! I often have similar experiences with enlightenment. Mine are a little more lasting than "fleeting" but, the enlightenment never quite seems to pan out in my existence. I keep telling myself that it's nec. to forget, so I can remember again....cuz, isn't the first time always the best? So, how can it be enlightening anymore if you never forget it? But, at the same time, I imagine that there must be some end....like, one day, I hope/expect to live AS AN ENLIGHTENED person....maybe that's just a fantasy....