Im 14 And Ive Gotten A Spanking With A Razor Strap

I got a spanking with my father figures razor strap and let me tell you I got 15 hits with it and with every hit I jumped and screamed it hurt so bad im never going to do anything to get that strap again because it hurt really bad but im pretty sure ill probably get it again though because im hanging out with the wrong crowd now. We get in trouble for skateboarding on private property and one of the police officers said that if we get caught skateboarding on any more private property then were going to be taken home in a police car. My father figure would have done whipped my butt if he knew that ive gotten in trouble with the cops before he would of done pulled out the razor strap and the paddle and blistered my butt with both and on top of that he would use the belt on me later on and trust me I dont want any of that to happen because the belt hurts really bad and the razor strap hurts really bad to so I can only imagine what the paddle feels like and I dont want to find out anytime soon. 

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Hey can you add me to your circle? Until what age were you sanked by your father figure? Were they always bare bottom?

I wish u well , that was harsh , I wouldn't have done that if I'd been ur dad

Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:(( Idk if I got spanked or it was a dream or something, I got a swat on the wrist or something similar.

The first time I got it was for calling my aunt a *****-I was 9 and she had spanked me for slapping my cousin in the face-it wasnt to her face but to my other cousin she came in told her go get the strap out of the closed and told me to bare my bottom and prepare myself cause this would be the whipping of my life once I was bare she made me walk down to the living room and lean over the edge of the couch -I screamed and cried my bottom was on fire while being stung by wasps -she aimed directly at my sit spots and she must have whipped me 30 times -she said if she heard me use that word again Id get double-of course as was the rule of my house if someone else spanked me I got the belt before bed from my dad

I call him father figure because he adopted me when I was 8 because I was abused as a kid and ive lived wiht him since I was 2. Im just not ready to call him dad because the last person I called daddy hurt me up until I was 2.

Thanks, I appreciate the clarification. You certainly describe a person who has not earned the honor of being a "dad". Good luck.

Whaddya mean "father figure"???

What do you mean by "father figure"???

Thank you and yes I took your advise and like 2 people gave me permission to skate on there property

Cool. Glad I could help.

So, you know that you are hanging out with the wrong crowd. If you stay with them they will keep getting you in trouble, no matter how good you are to begin with. My advice is to take yourself out of that situation. You also know that skateboarding on private property will get you into trouble, so don't do it. If you can't skateboard on the sidewalks or in a park, then talk to people who own parking lots and see if you can get permission to skateboard on their property - and if they agree ask them for a note you can show police just in case there's any question. You sound like a great teenager, and you just need a little help and guidance (including spankings) along the way. Good luck.

so in all honesty do you think you desevred the spanking.? Speaking of getting spanked are your spanking done on the pants or do you have to pull your pants and underwear down or does you dad do it. is it over the knee or standing how the kind of spankings you recieve would you still take those spanks if you dad would say "Instead of the spanking you would get two weeks of grounding but your prom was that weekend what would pick and why? Jury your spankings were you allowed to squirm around while getting the spanking meaning covering your butt with your hand and moving around so you would not get spanked or would that get you more spanking. please let me know . thanks