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Razor Strap Whipping From Wife!

My blond buxom wife even though she was 5ft. 3in. tall was quite dominant and never careful of punishing me for wrongdoings. on my 30th birthday my wife asked me what I wanted. Half kidding I told her that I wanted a hot sucking and a birthday spanking. Taking me seriously she took off my shirt and pulled down my pants pushing me on my back pulling off the rest of my clothing and then proceeded to giving me the best suck of my life. it didn't take long and I spewed my fluids in the palm of her hand. Smiling she ordered me to roll over  rubbing the sticky fluids all over my bare cheeks and then nastily began spanking it off until both cheeks were covered with bright red hand prints. When I told her that she gave me more than 30 spanks for my birthday  as she only laughed telling me she should have given me more. Needless to say corporal punishment became a part of our marriage. My wife had a stepmother that was also a firm believer of corporal punishment. My wife knew she kept a razor strap in her closet that she used on her own children whenever needed. My wife asked her if she could  "borrow" it because she had plenty of unfinished business to do with her wayward husband. This was all done behind my back . My wife's stepmother told my wife that she early on wanted to give me a good strapping but was actually proud of her stepdaughter that she was actually going to take the initiative and start taking charge. Her stepmother  told my wife it actually wouldn't be a bad idea  to give me a good whipping with the strap out by the pool since we're all naked any way making it the perfect time. The backyard pool was a sanctuary for nudism. There was an outdoor shower were everyone was required to soap off before getting in the water keeping the pool very clean. It was set up like the Roman baths making it a place to congregate completely naked without thinking about it. Since it was early afternoon only the three of us went for a swim. My wife had hid the razor strap behind her back and just let it lie on a table. My wife was getting quite amorous in the pool stroking me underwater climbing on top of me once I was hard. My mother in law forbids sex in  the pool. I thought she wasn't watching so I went along with my wife enjoying myself as she rode up and down on me. We heard my mother in law start cursing ordering us out of the pool. To my surprise my wife blamed our sexual escapades all on me and her stepmother agreed grabbing the razor strap handing it to my wife telling me to give me a good whipping. My wife had  used my own belt on me many times and actually had given me a strapping for disrespecting her step mom right in front of her completely naked. My mother in law and had me kneel on all fours on the diving board giving my wife the perfect target for the razor strap. Threatening my wife that she would get a strapping as well if she didn't do a good job she proceeded to give me a whipping I'll never forget  whacking me good all over my bottom and thighs. The razor strap which is 18in. long and 2in. wide made of  thick horse hide gives its own distinctive sting which is about five times worse than a belt. My wife gave me a good 50 licks of the strap causing me to cry out and bringing tears to my eyes.  When my mother in law  was satisfied she had done a good job my wife stopped and then kicked me into the pool to cool off! The razor strap rolls up nicely into my wife's purse so that she can conveniently have it available.   
magic7 magic7 61-65, M 1 Response Jul 1, 2012

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Wonderful lesson of the proper obediency! Hope later your stepmother-in-law had some chances to blister your butt herself, too?

My X never introduced us and we divorced quite quickly but I got my share of whippings