My Worst Strapping

I received my worst strapping when I was 13. That day I had some trouble with my mum and after that I ran away from home. My parents were very nervous because they didn´t know where I was. So they called the police. At that evening the police brought me home again and my parents were so happy it didn´t happen anything bad.
But my dad explained me that it was wrong to run away. So he and my mum decided I needed to be punished for my bad attitude. After dinner my parents called me to our living room. There they told me how my punishment would be. I was sent to our barn and there I should take off my shoes, shorts and panties. After some minutes my dad entered there too. He sent me to the saw horse and I laid over it. Then dad fetched the strap hanging on a nail. Then the punishment began. I cried and begged him to stop. But he didn´t hear my words and just whipped my bare butt. After 35 whacks he said the punishment is over and I can put on my clothes again I to go to my room for sleeping. After I was in my room I put on my sleeping shirt without the shorts and cried myself to sleep. The next morning I looked my my butt in the mirror and it was full of welts and black and blue.
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Did things get better or worse after that?