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In my youth, into my teens, if I was disobedient, on occasion my bottom would would be given a few lashes of the razor strap. Now that I am an adult, I want to feel the strap again. I would like to have my pants and panties lowered, and bent over the arm of a sofa or chair, and my bare bottom strapped one hundred times. I relish the thought of the leather razor strap caressing my bare bottom. I know it would be quite painfull, but I don't care. I just want to feel what it would be like to have my bottom blistered with a razor strap.

jespusspuss jespusspuss 66-70, M 19 Responses Jan 5, 2009

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I can remember a few instances of being belted so hard by my father that I reached a level of pain and crying that I felt I was "released" from tension. It was very calming. I would readily submit to another such belting as an adult to see if I could attain the same sense of peace and contentment after the belting. You have to reach the point of surrender to get there. You scream, you beg, but the belting is relentless. Then, when you surrender, it suddenly stops and you relax into a beautiful and peaceful sleep as your sobbing subsides. .

I got punished with the razor sharp, too. It was the worst! It was reserved for times when my bottom and thighs really needed a stong lesson. Also got it for repeated offenses that dad needed to really reinforce a lesson.

What age was your last razor strapping and were they bare bottom? Did your mom or any siblings ever witness your bare strappings?

Go girl go; I have written my own experience but 100 strokes - phew and hats off. I was struggling after the first dozen to be honest but wouldn't have missed the punishment on reflection. One of the best implements and the sound it makes is wow! Good luck and post the punishment to remind us of the power of the strap!

I love to whip my woman's bare bottom with a razor strap/leaving welts

I have had the same fascination with the razor ***** since my 3rd grade teacher Ms Patterson used one on me. Even at that tender age I fantasized about her using it on my bare bottom. She was also the first teacher I had a crush on.

I've been getting my *** spanked and strapped for over 15 years, I absolutely love it!

I've been spanked with a razor strap as an adult too. It is quite an experience. I do love the pain and heat of a well-strapped butt, and it is the best when there is a bond with my spanker and we both benefit. They enjoy turning my butt red, and also giving me the focus and release I need. A good hard spanking, hard and long enough to release endorphins, leaves me feeling better and freer than any drug ever could, even though it might hurt like hell for a couple of days.

Bookworm 78910 . i got the same feelings as a teenager . i think my Mum Realised i was in need of seserve strappings across my bare bottom often . otherwise i would be Rude and obnoxious

bottoms up!


yes in deed you have not been spanked till you get the razor strap applyed to your bare butt with great force. dosn't hurt so much at the time but the after pain is some thing that is hard to discribe and once you have felt it you will do almost any thing to avoid it ever again. i have felt the razor strap many times growing up. but i also got away with a lot of things i should have had my butt roasted for but even after all the times my mom roasted my butt with the strap I STILL LOVE HER WITH ALL MY HEART thanks for the good old fashion butt roastings mom

what ages did you get the strap growing up? Did mom roast your butt when it was bare or over shorts or jeans? How often as a teenager did you get the strap from mom and dad and did any siblings or witnesses see your spankings?

Oh yes I too would enjoy receiving the razor strop just as you describe it. Just like TWO7809 I too love the strap. It would have to be on the bare and I absolutley concur that despite the pain ( or rather I suspect in my case because of the pain) I always enjoy the CRACK sound of the strap

I, too, would relish getting a spanking with the strap. I would be so cooperative. At the spanker's command I'd lower my pants and underwear and bend over a couch or other ob<x>ject to provide the perfect target for a good lickin'. Despite the pain, I've always enjoyed the CRACK sound of the strap and also the pleasure it would bring to the spanker!

I'm glad for you jes..

Update: <br />
I have received two spanking within the past two months. Both included the razor strap (strop) and other implements. I'll be getting another spanking soon and it will include the razor strap, the four finger tawse and the cane. Let's call it a razor strop when it is used to strop a razor and callit a razor strap when it is used foe spanking.

Good luck to you, Bychance! :)

Yes yes yes! I understand what you mean when you say you want to experience the strap again. So do I in fact so much so that I am having a special one made by a leather worker that is more like a paddle but with the same material as a razor strap. I plan on giving to my special man to use on me ASAP as he sees fit.

Welcome Secret. Tel us more.

MMMM.. that might be a short story... but i guess it doesn't take much to get a rise out of me.. I too share the same fantacy

I've gotten a strapping as an adult. It hurts like the dickens, but leaves a nice warm feeling afterward.

As strange as it may sound... this is also a fantacy of mine. I was strapped with a belt... and on occasion in school... recieved the razor strap... on my hands.The more my mind waunders... the more arroused I get...

Oh, it would be wonderfull with or without tears.

Tears are Bound to Fall like welts are gonna appear.