She Wants The Strop

More recently in my life, I haven't meet her but I seen her picture on line. She is a Venus. Her long dark hair reaches the center of her back, She face , oval from the right side profile. Nice shoulder that held her black teddy. She is half my age and the same height. Her buttocks, so round, so pure and so innocent thought. She wants the experience of a strop. The passionate whelps without any blood. I was so moved by her I bought a new razor strop just for her. I want to leave my passion on her virgin ***. I want to start with a swift but soft sharp kiss. As the bite glows on her round ***, the desire she craves lays on her sweet *** as I place my throbbing **** at the orifice of her anus. I will fell her quiver then turn and lay another swift but sharp kiss across the opposite cheek,  With a deliberate pause, she will feel the kiss lay cool on her cheeks with pink welts. Two more are given and I turn her around, bent over with her hands on her knees. My ****, hard and throbbing bounces off her facial cheeks. She reaches out for me and I kiss he buttocks twice more. I pull face to my chest and her breast close in on ****. I stoke my **** in between and give her four soft slow kiss, each hard than the other. She can't withstand it any more and plunges her who body onto mine, crashing into bed, breaking the bed and mounting my **** as some untamed wildness that now I am hers and hers to give and hers to take as she kisses the new razor strop I bought for her and named for her.

Seahorse2165 Seahorse2165
1 Response Mar 12, 2010

That is an awesome story. I would love to be in the position you describe. I would also love to be the person on the receiving end.