Recently I've gotten a lot of answers I've been looking for in my life, all by realizing I'm an empath. I know things without knowing them, I'm highly sensitive to others emotions. I also get premonitions every so often. I now understand why I'm not a fan of big crowds and why I get overwhelmed and drained. It's really hard to just explain to my friends the reason I don't want to stay at there gathering is because I'm an empath and it's too much, so I just come up with an excuse. I've used stones and crystals even before I realized my gift. They help me ground and shield myself, but I'm still learning to deal with this gift. Sometimes it's overwhelming because I don't know anyone who has to deal with this, it's disconnected me from my friends and boyfriend. I love my gift, and want to learn how to use it & strengthen my self spiritually. I'm looking for books that could help me, and crystals and stones that have been helpful for other empaths. I want to meet other empaths, its so lonely when you don't have someone to talk to.
Rebellove Rebellove
18-21, F
Aug 17, 2014