My Story Of Fas--a Mini View Of My Adoption

Note: birth mom /real mom=my birth-mother--the woman whom gave me a life to live

my mom/mom= the better mom I live with today--the mother who gave me the best life to live b/c of her care and love

Hello all--here's my story:

My birth mom was 17 years old when she had given birth to me.

My birth mom was in and out trouble with the law--she'd drink underage and she was a very rude and unruly rebellious teen who thought she could become a mother but didn't really quite understand what it would take to be a good mom and how she wasn't mature enough to mother a child

After having me at 9:02am on April 20th 1989, you'd think she'd want to change her life and actually become a better person and raise me in the best way she could.

Well, it definitely didn't happen that way!

My birth mom continued to party with her "friends" while I was under the care of my birth-grandma.

My birth grandma got tired of having to care for me constantly while watching her daughter be so irresponsible with her child that needed so much more attention so my birth grandma got tired of her daughter and finally--called Children's Services on her.

I was taken out of her home and put up for adoption shortly mom and her husband had been looking to adopt. They got a call from Children's Services as the lady described me and that my name was Destiny. My family decided to go and try and see if they would want to adopt me.

Immediately, they fell in love with me--they decided that they were willing to add me into their family and it was the best decision they made that changed my life forever!

But, the road of me being fully adopted wasn't anywhere near. My birth-mom viewed my two new parents that wanted to adopt me as them trying to take me away from her.

My birth mom didn't want to give me up. So, she threatened to burn my mother's home down--I'd have home visits and I have faint memories of me trying to grip the living room walls. My mom says that the memory of me trying to grab the walls is b.c I didn't want to go to my birth mom's home for visits.

Even better, my birth mom knew my mother was overweight and would teach me songs to tease my mom's weight. She taught me a song in which I'd sing-songedly sing the words that implied my mother was a fatso. My birth mom was to take 3 parenting classes to have a better chance at keeping me--she couldn't even finish the first one!

After a long battle, I was adopted at the age of 15 months--I am now 23 years old--both a high school grad and a college grad and I have my associates degree in Early Childhood Education.
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Wow. Thank you for sharing your story.
Congratulations on your AA degree! :)

We adopted my nephew when he was 10.
He has a similar story to you.
He is now 19 and just finished his first year of college.
I have joined this group to find out more information on how I can support him. He is a wonderful boy but has the FAS problems and it can be difficult for him.

Anyway, thank you for sharing your story.
Any advice is always welcome!