Why Can't A Guy Wear A Dress And Makeup

Race jockeys are paid to wear silks, but I don't think its socially accepted in Australia to wear silk clothing on a daily basis; Actors are paid to wear makeup for their gig yet its not socially accepted for a guy to wear make up in the street. Dancers are either paid or pay to wear tights and leotards, In Australian sport both on a Australian National rugby league [there is a New Zealand team in that comp], and our Australian Rugby union as well as at a school level it is socially accepted to wear some compression clothing such as tights on the legs in an attempt to increase blood flow and reduce muscle aches and pains, many swimmers in the short and long distance swimming wear wetsuits these days yet its not socially accepted to wear tights or panty hoes in Australia. I read last night that men invented those things called high heels. Male’s sexual organs are on the outside of our body so they should be kept inside a certain temperature or they start to get dry, itchy, and scratchy and thus annoying and socially disgusting. So answer me this question
Why is it that it’s not socially accepted for a guy to wear a dress and heals? Why are males supposed to wear boring jeans or pants?

Oh how I long for the day when it is socially accepted for men to wear skirts and dresses.

P.S. this is an American website and most people on here would be American. I however am an Australian so I suspect as I have never travelled outside Australia that America is further ahead on this subject than us Australians. We haven’t legalised gay marriage yet but I suspect it’s not far away, we do have a female Prime Minister or PM which is basically similar in my view to the American president [yes of course there are a few differences- but both Barack Obama and our PM Julia Gillard were both elected for the people by the people [although I don’t like Julia’s party as I am a liberal / national supporter and she is from the labour party- i.e. the workers party.
When it all comes down to it, it’s only clothing
I think that’s about it

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tonight i am going to a party enfemme.nice skirt,blouse,nylons boots with heels.make-up is done at the party by a proffesional visagist.have my blonde wig,earrings(clip-on)purse and i am the lady.<br />
sure i wanted to do it every day,but occaisonally Yes.<br />
i am from europe and i was down under and over the ditch,in the seventies travelled by Greyhound<br />
through the U.S.saw a lot and nothing is strange to me.but something inside tells me,that i cannot do what i would like the most,going enfemme to work so i make the best of it.occaisonally and in a more or less protected area i can be the girl and so can you,good luck

Who says you cant wear what you like, who makes up the rules down under is Australia.

well its more a - not socially accepted for a guy to wear make up down here - it really sucks

Do not bother with the make up then, just put on the dress and nice undies.

I like what you say but society in Australia and most English speaking people frown on it, I thing people should wear what they want, I am Scottish and sometimes wear a kilt with silk knickers.

thanks for flooding this with comments guys- the idiot who told me to get a life must have deleted his comment and nicked off- cos he knows we are right that there is nothing wrong with a boy/ guy wearing a dress as long as he is not doing something drastic or long term to another person or public property. <br />
<br />
P.S. if we were all in a local community I reckon it would be fun to put who ever the idiot was into a dress and see what he thinks- then show him to society. <br />
<br />

Because our leaders have braynwashed us to sob and get all emo about thyngs that really mean no harm such as crossdressyng or two guys makyng out or beyng a 'freak'. WTF's a freak? A freak's as subjectyve as sexual oryentayshun, once we thynk about't. Takes an 'nsecure, close mynded bygot to stuff theyr nose'n someone else's busyness, when that someone hasn't done shyt to deserve such hate.<br />
<br />
Beyng a freak's a great thyng. Opens mynds. Too bad kyds'n school don't thynk of't as 'cool', and 'gnorance grows wyth age. "oh look there's a guy wearyng a skyrt, let's stone hym to death'n the name of JESUS".<br />
<br />
Supreshun kylls, not openness.

ok love what you have had say your right on every thing I'm a kiwi and its the same down here biggest deference I can see is if you got balls your ****** a women can wear and do any thing she like and that's ok but if your a man no that not right I wood love to wear my skirts or dress when going out I wood end up getting hit and society wood be ok with that because I had women clothing on I lived and worked in the u s and Perth in the u s I fend it the same as over here in most place

So a person is allowed to wear that clothing because its part of there outfits but those who want to wear skirts and dresses are not allowed to wear them - explain to me how that is fair ????? <br />
<br />
So thus I guess you don't think guys should wear skirts and dresses then <br />
<br />
[I advise you think carefully about your answer- having been on here a while and have had a good think in that time I have a lot of reasons up my sleve as to why guys should be able to wear skirts and dresses].

oh and there are a lot of people on here who feel the same way as I do that a guy should be able to wear a skirt and a dress - so unless u want to feel really depeleted I would be very careful of what u say

also explain to me how a male wearing a dress in the street hurts you- if you are looking at the male as you also cross the road then thats your fault in my book- you are in control of YOUR actions not the male - so thus its YOUR fault that YOU were looking at the male instead of looking where you were going and YOU got hit by a bus

oh and I know if I and many other cross dressers were the male in the above and they were in control of a cross dressing critic then the cross dresser would make the critic not look at the cross dresser but look at the road instead and thus the critic would not get hit by the bus.
p.s. notice how I have put 3 comments up and this sbabcockshirt 101 has put up 1- maybe he knows who is correct here and who isn't [for everyone elses sake he has also blooked me from seeing his profile]- so you can make your own conclusion as I have made mine- he knows I am correct!!!!!!!

'Tys usually useless to argue agaynst people who wyll always be ryght'n theyr mynds. 'Have tryed so hard to explayn only to get a "**** off and dye" attytude. Haha.... what's there to do? The world's just syck. Am tyred of dealyng wyth most people, and't seems that the more 'normal' they seem, the more stubborn they are. 'Tyred of beyng the nyce one who's walked over by 'normal' people just because they have some kynd of a chyp on theyr shoulder. Expreshun's therapy you ********.

Thanks for sharyng your vyews Tyghtskyns, am wyth you all the way.

Because It's part of there outfits. This way there are not sticking out like a sore thumb while they are in there outfits and then they match. And you don't see a guy going around through the streets wearing make up. Most people would just look at you like your some freak of nature or something. And just wait till the future when human avatar bodies that you change into just as easy as changing into clothes.