Hi I'm New...


Well, I just googled "people with few friends" a few minutes ago and found this lovely site...I'm impressed, it looks like fun!

Anyway, maybe It's just my mood, but I do feel that I have few friends in my life right now. I am not a loner as such, but I like my own company and though I have friends, I think I tend to keep my distance a lot. I am a happy, life loving person, but I think that maybe sometimes I keep to myself too much. It takes me a long time to be completely myself with people...and I wish I could show everyone the more fun/weird side of my personality more often.

I am in my first year at college now and though I'm doing well and have met many new people. I'm struggling to get past that "aquaintance"(sp.?) faze.

I would love to write more and see other members but I have to go right now...

I'm so happy I found this place!

Ladyhazasecret Ladyhazasecret
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 21, 2009

I have the same problem being myself around people.Thats why I love this site so much.I dont have to hold back anything.This site can get confusing sometimes,just keep at it and you'll be fine!Glad to have you here and good luck!