Harmless, But Still A Killer...

I was diagnosed with Fibrocystic Breast Disease in my early thirties. Coming from a family with a history of breast cancer, I was always concerned if I felt a new lump in one of my breasts, worrying that it might be cancer. My doctor recommended a yearly mammogram and 6 monthly Ultrasounds, which I underwent strictly. I had numerous cysts drained, either with or without local anaestetic and more or less got used to this routine. At age 38 I was pregnant with my daughter and the cysts didn't bother me much during and after the pregnancy. I was able to breastfeed as any other mother. But a couple of years later, the numbers of the cysts and the pain they caused got worse and worse. My husband was sometimes not able to come close to me, the slightest touch hurt really badly, even sleeping and turning in bed caused me problems. That is, where the danger lies. These cysts are a real killer, when it comes to intimacy or touch. They have the power to kill your libido, which in turn could ruin your marriage!

My husband was always very understanding and patient, but our sex-life did suffer a lot, due to my condition. Last year the mammogram revealed a cluster of microcalcifications and doctors urged me to have them removed, being worried, they could be cancerous. I had a lumpectomy (3.3 cm of
tissue was removed, which turned out not to be cancerous) and I was left with a pretty painful scar. Due to this, my husband and I really started on working out new positions, when we had sex. And I have to say, things turned out quite good! Once you don't feel pressure and pain on your breasts, you can concentrate much better on the real act.!

By all means: The cysts don't have to turn into cancer, there are millions of women out there, who suffer from fibrocystic breast disease and never develop cancer! Latest research connect the disease to lack of iodine in the diet. Asian women for example, are very rarely diagnosed with FBD, as they have a higher intake in iodine by eating more seafood and seaweed. It is recommended to eat at least once per week (better even more often) seafood and use iodised salt in your cooking. I also take a few drops of Nugol's solution now on a daily basis and hope, that over the coming years, this will help fighting the disease. Evening primrose oil was also recommended to me. And ladies: Do talk to your partner, be inventive when it comes to intimate encounters - don't let your breast disease kill your love life!

IQplusfun IQplusfun
56-60, F
May 20, 2012