And It Still Keeps On Going

In 2011, I decided to change my life. Little did I know that my life would change anyway. I thought that I would leave my job, do freelance nursing work and lead a better, more exciting career. I figured I would buy my health insurance on the open market and work agency work. When I found out that the insurance that I had would cost $600 through Cobra, I realized I couldn't really afford the insurance. I figured I would be ok and would just pay for my doctors visits. ( I was pretty healthy and rarely needed a doctor). Meanwhile, my periods became heavier and longer. I went for months dealing with changing the absorbsency of my tampon and the need to change every from every 4-6 hours to every 1.5 hours. I dealt with the shortness of breath and looking pale and feeling constantly tired. Until I noticed that my formerly 4-5 day period took 9 days. I went to gyn and was told that she could feel my fibroids on exam. Tried different medications and couldn't control the bleeding until finally I was hospitalized for low blood volume needing a blood transfusion. Changed doctors twice before I found the one that I am with now. I had hysteroscopic myomectomy that relieved the symptoms but didn't stop them. Now I just have figure out what to do next.
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i'd loved to have helped you change your pons and pads . i know some ladies like their periods to be secret but i love to share them as much as possible and however light or heavy they are too . so you having fibroids would not have put me off .

I too am dealing with large fibroids. I am 51 and have no desire to undergo a hysterectomy. I live day by day. I have done Lupron Depot 11.25mg. for 9 months, although it is only recommended for 6 months. I had a bone scan and it was good so no issues there. I may even be able to take another treatment with Lupron which I found a life saver while I was on it. It gave me a life during that time. I am now on Danazol 600mg. vitamin D3 4000IU. B stress complex and xanax 1mg. for anxeity issues. I also supplement with a tablespoon of Unsulfered Black Strap Molasses, morning and evening, (YUK!) and 1 tablespoon of raw organic apple cider vinegar mixed in an 8oz. glass of water twice a day. This is also YUK! I have not had severe bleeding or flooding since starting this routine about 6 weeks ago, but spotting is there most everyday. Sometimes a get a couple day break which seems to be more frequently lately. I also keep an emergency bottle of Shepherds purse handy. If I should start bleeding heavy, I put about 25 drops in a cup of warm water. This is virtually tasteless and stops bleeding within 5 minutes, maybe less. It may be taken up to 3 times a day. I have only ever needed to use it once a day.<br />
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Wishing you much success!