Painful Experience

I was diagnosed with Fibroids in march 2008, I knew nothing about them until I was told that I had uterine fibroids. I felt a sudden change in my body very heavy and painful periods and discomfort in my lower abdomen. I went on-line and started researching about all the questions I had about uterine fibroids and began to understand more about them. I also found out that they are genetic and that made sense because my mum told me that she also had uterine fibroids before she had them removed.

One day I went to one of the sexual clinics and the nurse asked if I was having contraceptives? Told her I wasn't taking any contraceptives so she suggested that I try some. i told her my health history and also mentioned to her that I had fibroids. She suggested I take a single pill in form of an injection so that I don't forget to take my pills. I went for it and after a week things got out of hand I started bleeding every single day for eight months.
I cried everyday and went into a dark world. I used to close my door and the curtain and cried in my room and prayed as I hoped for that pain to go away.

I had no GP at the moment and that made it even worse for me to get any help. One day my sister brought a local Newspaper with details of a new Poly clinic which was a walk in. I went to the clinic the following day and got treatment. I found out from the doctor that the contraception injection I has contained Oestrogen. the Doctor said that the nurse should have known better not to have given me that injection especially after telling her that I had fibroids because Oestrogen increases the growth of fibroids.

I was given some tablets that stopped the bleeding and was told to go back the following day for a blood test which showed that I was anaemic and my BP was as low as 5.2. The Doctor told me to check into the A&E immediately for a blood transfusion. at first i thought that it wasn't that serious until I spoke to a consultant who told me that I had to have a blood transfusion or else my organs would shut down. that scared me so much. I was given fluids through the nigh and blood the following morning. I was meant to get four pints of blood but the nurse told me that since each pint had different anti bodies, it wasn't going to be good for me to have four pints of blood so I was given two and ferrous sulphate tablets to take home with me to help increase my BP.
They arranged dates for me to have an operation to have the fibroids removed but I was advised by my mum not to have the operation due to the fact that I hadn't had kids yet and that there were chances of having my uterus removed in case something went wrong during the operation.

I decided to research natural remedies for shrinking fibroids and also read other people's stories. I decided to take some Chinese herbs and accupuncture to help shrink the fibroids. I started eating more fruits and vegetable and also researched on the foods that contain oestrogen since its one hormone that boosts the growth of fibroids. I started exercising and eating healthy foods. I lost 9kg in weight and when i went back for a scan I was told the the smaller fibroids had shrunk in a period of four months. i still have two bigger fibroids and I keep taking these herbs to prevent more from growing because i have multiple fibroids. 
I worry sometimes when I hear some experiences some of the people I know have gone through during pregnancy with fibroids especially due to the fact that i haven't got kids yet.  

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Please don't be ashamed to share your experience, it will save someone's life.