My Journey With Uterine Fibroids

Hello I am 40 yrs old and hopefully soon will be "officially" diagnosed with Uterine Fibroids. Over a year and a half ago I started having issues. I would have cramps all the time and my periods began to become heavy. Truly, I thought I was going into early menopause! I tried last April to go to my doctor to figure out was was going on but all she was concerned with was my diabetes (which I understand is important but not what I was wanting). By October of last year I could take it no more. The pain was horrible, my periods were lasting 10 days with severe pain (almost every day) and I was starting to have trouble with bowel movements (sorry if that is too much information).

In October I saw a new doc and as soon as I told her my symptoms she said Uterine fibroids. The problem is she has to refer me out to another doctor. Well the had a apt set for Jan 15th which they cancelled. Now I don't have a apt till the end of March which is maddening! I can not take 2 more periods and the pain for 2 more months!

When I researched uterine fibroids I was saddened to not find that very much on it. Though the information I found the symptoms were exactly what I have! I couldn't believe it! The pain and cramps constantly, the heavy heavy periods with lot's of clots, the incontinence, the trouble having a bowel movement even down to my stomach seeming to be bloated! I did have some relief because I was starting to worry something was really really wrong. I am not sure what I am going to do I can't/will not wait till March. I am hoping to find some other women to be able to share with and honestly it's good not to be alone!

Just a little self info I am married 24 yrs and have 1 boy 23 special needs, one boy 18 and my little girl is 7. I love crafting, reading, kayaking and camping.
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Hi hope you get sorted out soon, I'm 39 have been signed off work for two weeks from work due to pelvic pain, doctor sending me for ultrasound next week, really worried I've also had back ache and constant swelling of my abdomen look like I'm pregnant! I have been at home for a week now started to think I was feeling out of pain and well enough to go out for the first time today but within half an hour of waking round the supermarket my hips we hurting so much so straight back home on the sofa with hot water bottle and pain killers!! Every time I search my symptoms on the Internet all I am getting is ovarian cancer, could I have fibroids? Can they cause these kind of symptons, constantly swollen belly, hip /pelvic pain that never goes away??


I am new to this website - and im having surgery to remove them in two weeks, if your GP hasn't recommended pain medication then ask them for information about Mefenamic Acid and Tranexamic acid. These two medicines help with the pain and stopped the heavy flow for me. They really helped me while waiting for MRI scan, ultrasound scans and being put on the waiting list for the Operation!.

Good luck

Do you feel nauseated often with the fibroids? I too was recently diagnosed with them and I have noticed that I am sick to my stomach a lot. Just wondered if it was connected to the fibroids?