A Ten Year Journey

I'm in my late 40s and was diagnosed with uterine fibroids over 10 years ago.  Since they're asymptomatic I have been able to maintain a 'benign neglect' attitude towards them - until now.  Now they've reached a stage were my uterus is enlarged to the size of a five month pregnancy and they are pressing on other organs.  I have been told that I will have to undergo an hysterectomy this coming fall.

I'm struggling emotionally with this news as I've tried numerous non-surgical methods to deal with my fibroids over the years: a macrobiotic diet; acupuncture, aruveydic herbs, exercise to final two uterine embolization procedures over the past three years.  To no avail.

So, I was pleased to discover this on-line community were I'm able to share my story and hopefully hear from other women who are dealing with uterine fibroids and their journey towards health.

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So the natural stuff did nothing or a little?

Does anyone have nausea with their fibroids or is it just me??

yes yes yes omg yes

I am 40 years old and just recently miscarried a pregnancy. After my miscarriage I made an appointment with my doctor because I was having constant pressure in my "pelvic" area. I also had a very bloated stomach. I literally look about 6 months pregnant, I thought all of this was water weight from pregnancy .. I was surprised to learn I have several fibroids in my uterus and one is quite sizable. i literally at times will go to the bathroom 5 times an hour.. I never had any of this prior to being pregnant. My doctor said that being pregnant can make the fibroids enlarge because of the hormones and they should hopefully shrink and we will not have to do surgery. I am hoping and praying they shrink because I was hoping to try and get pregnant again... I am sad and very discouraged... Any words of encouragement or experiences would be greatly appreciated..

I'm here reading what is going on with everyone else for the same reason. My fibroid is now the size of a grapefruit, or a softball works too.<br />
I'm having discomforts, not pain, but I do feel as if I have constant pressure on my bladder.<br />
I'm going to talk to my doctor again about all the pros and cons of getting it removed.<br />
My doctor said the same thing I've been reading, "it'll shrink when you hit menopause, so if it's not causing you pain just wait it out'<br />
It's not causing me pain, but a constant discomfort. I don't want to go into early menopause either. <br />
I've been taking burdock root, I've read it can help.<br />
I don't have the money to put into vitamins but I want to do a search and try to see what else I can find that may naturally help and give them a good chance.<br />
It's difficult to know what to do and I can relate and sympathize with everyone going through all and any experience with fibroids.

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How are you now after your hysterectomy ? I am exactly in the same situation of you. I am 45 yrs old and still trying natural way to get rid of my fibroids in the last 5 years.... but they keep growing. Now I reach a point where I have to make the decision to hysterectomy. I don't like the idea but nothing really works.

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Best of luck.

I'm 38 and have been diagnosed for a year( intramural fibroid).My anemia was caused by heavy bleeding, then the ultrasound confirmed 3 smaller fibroids. It has not been so bad, until my last period- I had terrible lower abdominal pain, threw up twice..it was terrible... . Still have spotting in between periods. Will wait and see if this continue...if it stays painful, I know I will have to have surgery....

there are some treatments available for fibroids. Hysterectomy is one - in which they remove your uterus (and thus the fibroids). There are some newer treatments such as uterine artery embolization and now radio frequency ablation of the fibroid. In radio frequency ablation they use heat energy to shrink the fibroid using a a very fine needle - this is a minimally invasive technique and doesnt remove the uterus. This treatment is under going phase 3 clinical trial in 6 sites in the US (http://trialx.com/clinicaltrial/85936/fibroids) and you may be eligible if you are above 25, have completed child bearing and dont want a hysterectomy.

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There is a lot of informatation available out there I would recommend that you do as much research as you can on your various options. Good luck.

Proactive for your health is the key .

I have just been diagnosed after nearly a year of pain and heavy bleeding. The bleeding was not bad until the last three months or so. The pain was so bad I couldn't deal anymore. I've noticed myself getting heavier...quickly. I didn't think it was that but now that I know it could be, I can see it. A hysterectomy has already been recommended by my gyn but I'm afraid to and afraid not to. I had a hard time with the pain everymonth....but I'm afraid to go into early menopause.

im so afraid too and afraid not too what do i do , im currently looking for Natural Holistic remedies that can help.

I do not have them, but my mother did and she had a lot of pain for many years. For her, surgery was the best option. <br />
I wish you luck in your search for information and support.