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I am 41 and I just found out today that I have Fibroids and I am very scared.  I was diagnosed with a trans vaginal sonogram.  I am still waiting to talk to my doctor about the results and my options but I am terrified.  The sonogram tech gave me the impression that I have alot of them.  She didn't tell me the locations and/or sizes as "the doctor has to see t he results and go over them with me."

I was wondering if there are other options for treatment besides surgery.  Does anyone know if there is a certain diet that can help?


Thank you for any suggestions or information you can give (:

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There IS a diet that will shrink fibroids, but that diet is slightly different for everyone, because everyone's constitution is different. I am a licensed nutritional counselor, and I specialize in helping women shrink fibroids through dietary changes and the use of natural supplements. Would you like to do a free 50-minute consultation with me, either in my office in Brooklyn or by phone?<br />
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Also, Missa 84, I am sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Fibroids often do cause miscarraiges. But you can shrink them and prevent its happening again. Often the miscarriage is due to either fibroids or low progesterone or low iodine. All these problems can be remedied by dietary changes. I would be happy to do a free 50 minute consultation with you. If you are interested, just go to my website:<br />
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do you have chidren??? R they causig u discomfort????? I found out abut my fibroids after a miscarriagee in auguest. I was devestathged.. I didn't kmow what teyh were. I am 33 years old and am scarred I am never going to have children of my own.