I was diagnosed with Fibro and CFS around 2010. I am on two medications which help with the everyday pain and keep that pain to a bearable amount. However, I am struggling when the flares bring about the migraines and bone pains. I am considering speaking with my pain specialist about switching from one around the clock ER (extended release) medication to Zohydro ER ... OR, staying on my current ER medication and adding a breakthrough pain medication to take as needed. Has anyone tried the Zohydro ER before? I know medications affect each person differently....but any info will help.... or if anyone takes an ER medication with a breakthrough pain medication and how that helps them. I am also on Savella but at a lower dose than most due to the side effects. I cannot take muscle relaxers because I cannot function on them lol and even if I took those before bed, I would be impossible to get up and around the next morning. Any advice?
TxJen35 TxJen35
36-40, F
Mar 22, 2015