What Shall One Do?

I'm so so sad today. One of our girl who come several times to us and help us with our horses, has a bad pain in her lower back and buttocks. And neck and chest back. My husband massaged her today, and I saw on her that it did hurt so much. And she has the same pain as me.... I like this girl so much, she could be my own daughter, but now I don't have any children. I'm so worried now for her, she is only 19 years old, and have this problems with her back, and she is neglecting her pain. She is has a very good hand with the horses. They love her! Also our dogs loves her. But what can I do for helping her, so she does not ends up like me.... I have cried all day in side, because she became very upset when I begun to cry this morning. I'm feeling so helpless and powerless, what can I do? I'm not her mother, I'm just a friend who has her horses.

From a sad Hubbe-Lisa
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Thank you so so much for your comment! I feel pep talked:) The time will show what will happens.<br />
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Thank you once more!<br />
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Hold your tears, she may not like others to feel sorry for her, or maybe she doesn't wan't you to feel bad for her, just try to talk to her normally as you usually do, telling her how important it is to take care of her pain, so it wont become worst, if you weren't able to do that, let someone else to do it.