Fibromyalgia Is Killing Me And Taking My Life Away

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia earlier this year, along with a disc that's been slipping in my back, from falling down on my butt too much earlier in life.  I am so miserable every single day.  I can't sleep for more than 3 hours and when I wake up, it is excruciating pain from the top of my head to my toes.  My joints and muscles ache like I worked out the previous day ... and I didn't!  I have been put on Lyrica and Savella and these are not working.  I am under a lot of stress right now, having to move in two weeks and I am so tired all the time I can't get anything packed up.  Today I just cried and cried because I couldn't figure anything else to do.  My doctor insists that the medication should work and it doesn't.  It is taking my life away.  I can't get out of the house to do things I need to do, I can't drive without the constant aching, to turn around and look out the rear window of the car is excruciating.... I was not like this 2 years ago, my life was going right, I was depressed, but getting through it, and now this.  Can anyone give me some advice on how to carry on?  I am at my wits end and have almost no support; people just don't understand or assume I am just faking this and being lazy.  Someone, please help???????????
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I would get tested for Lymes disease, and yes, if you have fibro the Lyrica should have taken some of the edge off. There are other diseases that can go hand in hand with fibro. Also hypothyroid can cause similar symptoms, including the stress. Make sure you see someone who address stress and depression so you get the support you need. I hope you get better soon.

Hi, i have not been diagnosed yet but i suspect i may have it. i have constant pain everywhere, headaches all the time, i find it hard to get up and do anything including playing with my child. ive been on plenth of anti depressants but it made no difference or it made it worse. is there actually any hope in living a normal happy life? Im miserable i just want to crawl in a ball and disappear from the world.

These are the same symptoms my friend had. He was getting worse by the week. Turned out it was advanced stage. Changed his life forever. Please get tested. A bullseye rash is not always the tell tale sign.

Hey my mom has that. She has had it for 11 years now. It is really hard

Dear fellow sufferer, my hellish existence with Fibromyalgia was greatly helped from being bed-ridden to some semblance of a productive life with an injectable pain medication usually used for women in labour. I finally found a pain specialist who helped me. For Fibro, he uses injectable Nubain, aka "Nalbuphine Hydrochloride." Many doctors don't seem to be aware of this medication. You need to DEMAND this medication. My dose is (the maximum) 20mg every three hours (eight injections per 24 hours). This drug has saved my life. I hope it saves yours!!! I really hope it saves yours!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey I have fibromyalgia to! I have it for six months ! The doctor give me some medicine It was helping me ! I was getting more sick ! I talk to my doctor he say it was normal for me ! This what I did I stopped taking the medicine. I've been eating more fruit and Vegetable . And also I've been eating chicken and fish . And doing some work out ! I've been feeling less pain ! Is been helping me ! And also taken a lots of vitamins B12 , Vitamin D And vitamin C. The main thing is That I find out Medicine cost you More pain! Do not let this disease control your life ! Because that if your body Five for it! Every morning when I wake up I say to myself fibromyalgia This is my body is not Your! I will fight this is fibromyalgia you not take my life! I know it's hard ,because you Too much pain I'm feeling tired . Fight because your family and Friends need you! I fight everything because my family need me! Also read the Bible It will help you! Look around the people who love you need you . Them Will give you Power Fight fibromyalgia! My kids give me hope in the power Fight fibromyalgia !

i am suffering from this bloody disease and now it is destroying my life. only opiates work and now i am being labelled as a junkie. no support from wife, though we both are doctors, she thinks that i want to do drugs. i think the best thing to do is end it all. sorry for posting such a depressive reply but i am worst than u are.

Please INSIST on Nubain (aka Nalbuphine Hydrochloride). I am on 20mg injections every three hours, and I went from bed-ridden to a semblance of my former VERY active life. Your doctor will tell you, "never heard of it." INSIST, INSIST, INSIST!!!!! For your life back.

I think you need a good doctor, doctor. Go speak to someone you trust, and who can help with the depression that often goes along with fibro. They may also like to wean you off some meds, as they can have self distructive properties, as you know. Cymbalta made me out of my mind...threw the stuff out pronto! Good luck.

I know exactly how you feel. I have been like this for 6 years. I am on a lot more medication including fentanyl patches and still I am basically bed bound. If you find any answers please let me know x

I spent three decades trying to find the answer. Can't believe I'm still alive!! I am on 20mg injections (eight times a day) of Nubain (aka Nalbuphine Hydrochloride), and it changed me from being bed-ridden to having some semblance of my former very active life, and not bawling in pain anymore. You must DEMAND this from your doctor, or find another doctor!!!

What is the cost of these injections and side effects if any in your experience?

Been suffering myself since 1996. It came on shortly after I had a hysterectomy. Gave up my farm, my horses, gardening, dancing, all sports and most everything that I enjoyed. I believe doctors take this too lightly, and don't realize that this diagnosis CHANGES LIVES FOREVER. Today I am 62, and suffer in pain horribly. I take Trazadone at bedtime, with Melatonin, and still only get 4-5 hours of interrupted sleep if I am lucky. My bones and connective tissue are all degenerating as well, and my legs have atrophy and neuropathy. I've been unable to hold down any type of gainful employment do to this disease, and yet I was turned down for disability. I do basic stretching, slow walking in pain of course, eat fresh foods, no breads, very low sugar also. Massage therapy is very helpful for me, especially on the glutes, one of my bad spots. Had two discs removed and fused in my neck, and now have torn miniscus. Loud noises, vibrations, stress, bright lights, crowds, and repetitive movements will put me in a flare, as will too much physical activity. I also take Hydrocodone for flair ups. Good luck all, and thanks for listening.

You should try switching to cymbalta... I have been on it for a few month with good results in my lower back pain improving I aso use muscle relaxers. Yoga has made a diffrence for me too. Hope you the best.

So glad that worked for you. Gave me suicide thoughts, and to toss it.

I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and I too had been feeling like you, pain from head to toe all day and I couldn't sleep. I found aquatic therapy to be useful to reduce pain and relieve stress. Maybe you should try that.

i was given pregablin a couple of yrs ago and i found it made things even worse in so far as the pain was better but the mental issues the drug caused me to be frightened of everything and nervous crying all the time the doctors thought i was goin through the menopause badly......i to decided to come of everything but i started meditation which is a help somewhat anyway. i find stress cutting a help and not raising to anything thats no goin to kill me.......even when i'm in so much pain i do breathing exercises before i take any tablets and relaxe into the pain because the more i used to fight it the worse the pain got........everyone with fm has their own way when they get more used to the illness :)

IV lived with fibromyalgia,chronic fatigue syndrome and bipolar disorder,,marijuana is used for all my medical issues,<br />
,also nutrition is very important but a MUST : TAKE RESPOSIBILITY FOR YOUR Own HEALTH,,,,,,,<br />
,know one knows oneself liKe oneself,,<br />
do research,read books, ask guestions,write down anything of importance,,we can not always rely on the few minites that we get every couple months from our DR.s to find the answers we need. <br />
Rule of thumb:" EVERYTHING THAT GOD MADE IS GOOD" (if it was made in a factory invented by man its probably NOT good for you) peace and love

I think we will all benefit from medical weed, and hope it will be available soon to all. My girlfriend in Cal. is prescribed it in the form of a chocolate wedge. She said it is the biggest blessing ever, and takes one a day. Now that my friends, is my idea of a piece of CANDY!

I've had fibro for years. Tried the pain killers with little effect. I went cold turkey, dropped the opiates..<br />
(a lot of studies show they don't work.) About a month ago I started acupuncture and gotten a great <br />
deal of relief!! There is an article in arthritis today if which a study was conducted using acup and a control indicated there is true pain relief in the people using it. (I think it was Jan of this year). Hang in there

Hello dear lady! I have fibro also. In the past it was more painful (though I get my more ouchy days) of course each day is pains, tingling in my hands, sometimes ringing in ears, brain fog, etc.<br />
What has helped me marginally is eating low carbs, avoiding sugars and white flours, higher meat protein, etc.<br />
<br />
Hugs and good luck to you!

I hope the new medication works in the end!

The one thing I use for pain works better than anything and that's Pot. I am relaxed and painfree and my Dr supports this.

I also suffer from Fibromyalgia so I know what you're going through. Sadly, the only things that have worked for the pain have been opiates and my doctor won't prescribe them to me. I also have no insurance so I wouldn't be able to afford them anyway. I usually try to keep my mind occupied with other things to keep my mind off of the pain but that doesn't always work.

No no the pain is excruciating, and moving around is a torture.And sleeping is nightmare,thinking about what state you'll be when you get up.<br />
I know, my dear wife has been suffering for quite a while now.What I've seen is that Fibromyalgia attacks the mind , destroys the peace.So you have to me mentally strong, fight back, get back your peace even if you loose it, again and again.<br />
See if they're treating you with the generic 'duloxetine'( cymbalta,duzella or any other brand name) the results will come after 15-20 days.Maybe the dose will go up, but in steps.<br />
My prayers for you,Angel.<br />
Love n Hugs

You can't fight this by being "mentally strong," or "fighting back." You have a Central Nervous System Disorder that needs to be remedied by a serious drug. I spent three decades doing healing meditations four to six hours a day to "remedy" my illness. IT DID NOT WORK. I finally found a doctor who not only understood Fibro, but knew how to treat it with fair success. I don't believe I still would be alive if it were not for the following medication: NUBAIN (aka Nalbuphine Hydrochloride). I was bed-ridden for years until 2011, when I began on a low dose. Now I am on eight injections per day of 20mg. each. Don't give up hope. This may work for you.