Fibro Nightmare

I know they say that Fibromyalgia is not progressive , but my body tells me it is. It seems every touch of flu , a cold and even dental problems cause the symptoms to worsen. I can recover from the cold, but the tole still lingers such as extreme fatigue , weakness , muscle pain and stiffness. At this point it is a great effort to get out of bed , shower and to eat.

I first had symptoms 10 years ago. I was active in my emploment, camping and hiking , going out with friends, aroebics, and raising my family. Not to mention caring for elderly parents. Hiking was the first thing to go and over the years practically everything else fun in my life. I now pat myself on the back for a trip to the store. I wish fibromyalgia was taken more seriously as it is a dibilitating illness that cuts our life short in so many ways.

One can feel so alone with this illness that I hope to reach out to others that are dealing with this nightmare and finding it harder and harder to cope.


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Even though you wrote your short articulate note 7 years ago, it has reached another soul. This may take awhile.<br />
<br />
I'm a man, long time separated, living on my own, with a few close friends (who have been great right from the start - Blessed) Finally 4 years ago I really starting to enjoy my life again. Busy, active, traveling. Then.............<br />
<br />
My pain/fatigue/ and all the medically documented symptoms that you'd assume in 2014 should point the way to FM. Mine began only 11 months ago to the point that the pain stopped me from working at the age of 59, but all the signs had been showing-up slowly but they were all there, and they would come & go; but some stayed at a very....dull persistence. I put it down to "I must be getting older" "I can't work as much as I used to" "Had movers move me" "Taking sleeping meds" "Taking anti-depressants" " Going to all the therapists for treatments for pain throughout my body" and I had the same Dr. for a decade.<br />
<br />
Started a busy, but great Union job at age 49, quit the corporate world after 25 years. Wanted another 6 at least to possibly meet someone, start something, put something together then retire to a small village on the west coast of Canada, and rent a small house, and just enjoy life in a slower paced world, with all the seasons.<br />
<br />
Yes! Your right again, this illness seems to get worse over time, other areas that were not aching 4 months ago are now full blown targets for an Level 8 or 9 severe pain episode. Just when I thought it couldn't reach a level of pain that I hadn't experienced, but I must have miscalculated on my pain scale. After seeming my new Rheumatologist for a full consultation and attempted physical exam (to much pain), and then went grocery shopping for only one hour...... I reached what I could only describe on a scale of 1 to 10, as an 11+, for just short of 2 hours, right out of nowhere. What a Gong Show is all I can tell you.<br />
<br />
You are also right, the feeling of being on your own, the isolation and the lack of knowledge you can only gain with all us, explaining and sharing stories and advise to all of us, that you are not alone, that you are just going through another Groundhog Day torture. It type of forum saved my life (last night) so-far knowing that it would subside, at least that was the pray I told myself.<br />
<br />
Well I am here to tell you the medical community 7-years after your story haven't taken this illness serious at all. If it takes as long diagnosing someone who has all crap FM brings to you, then they still don't get or don't care how frightening this is for each of us. <br />
<br />
Hope today you are having a good one and the world finds you well. Warm sunshine and. Soft hugs to all of you.

Do you take any supplements? I take abut 10 different ones....and the most recent thing that is ******* me like crazy is this is called yerba mate, and is awesome!

I know how you feel. Fibro has stolen many things I used to love- running, yoga, hiking, working, and going out with friends.

I was diagnosed in late 70s early 80s before anyone knew much of it. I suffered for years. Don't let naysayers get to you. Know that you help those afflicted every time you can talk about it.

i feel exactly like that this is definitaly getting worse and worse for me

Oh how I hate the grocery store! It is the bane of my existence! Even the scooter makes me miserable as everyone pretends I don't exist and lunge forward so that they can get in front of me. I used to run track. I hiked and went rock climbing. Now I'm lucky if I can rearrange my pillow on my bed. We have to change our standards a bit. Find joy in the simple things. Find attainable goals we can reach.

I have found some natural solutions to these pains! I didn't realized so many people have suffered and are suffering! I want to pay it forward! My friend and I were both secretly using the same natural solutions and we both improved significantly without all the side effects of pharmaceutical meds! If you are interested let me know! It works so fast!

After being totally disabled with FMS, I have been out of pain and off meds for 13 years. I did it by balancing my hormones, initially balancing brain chemistry, cleaning up my diet, and clearing some toxins, which is likely something you won't hear in your doctor’s offices.

I have been studying and working the past 13 years to help others in their recoveries. I want people to get well.

Out of a passion to help others get well, I have written Reversing Chronic Disease: A Journey Back to Health, which is endorsed by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum and 2 other MDs.

Don’t accept the word "incurable." Keep fighting for restored health. If I can get well, why can't others. I believe something better is out there with your name on it.
I want to encourage each of you with fibromyalgia. I understand what you are going through. I have been there.

After being totally disabled with fibromyalgia many years ago, I have been without pain and off medications for over 13 years. I didn't happen over night, but it did happen.

Here is what I have done to get well.
1. Identify and correct hormonal imbalances using plant-based replacement.
2. Initially corrected brain chemical imbalances, particularly improving a naturally occurring brain chemical called dopamine.
3. Cleaned up my diet and eliminated milk, a food that was causing trouble for me.
4. Cleaned up some toxins.

Rheumatologists and patients typically don't understand the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. I want to help change that. The technology is in the here and now to identify and correct hormonal imbalance.

Do a little research to see if you have symptoms of hormonal imbalance. If you have many of these symptoms, study to find out how to identify and correct imbalances.
Here is a hug to each of you. I want you to feel well again.

Patricia Stephens, Certified Nutritional Consultant

im 23 i was finally diagnosed a month or 2 ago i've had full body pain and stiffness since my first c-section nearly 3years ago that worsened with my last c-section last year. finally found a doctor that listen rather than saying it's in my head. he said that had my spinal blocks for the c-sections been done properly i wouldn't have this pain. had my ob/gyn treated my vitamin d and vitamin b12 deficiency i wouldn't have these neurological problems. it's upsetting that at 23 my body doesn't allow me to enjoy playing with my kids, some days i can't even stand to be hugged the smallest tenderest touches are so painful. no one else in my family had it and none of them understand.

"the smallest tenderest touches are so painful" I couldn't have said it better. I used to be a preschool teacher and I told the children that I was a delicate petal and they had to use their most softest hugs. You'll be amazed how open they are to using gentle touches. Just try to smile and not wince!

i was fortunate to been diagnosed after my kids were grown or i wouldn't have had them it's that bad i know what your saying sometimes i get upset when people say something encouraging so i won't ,ill just be there.

Hello my name is Jasmine and i really found your message to be really inspiring. I really feel alone and i need someone to talk to that would understand me.

I have found some natural solutions to these pains! I didn't realized so many people have suffered and are suffering! I want to pay it forward! My friend and I were both secretly using the same natural solutions and we both improved significantly without all the side effects of pharmaceutical meds! If you are interested let me know! It works so fast!

i there my name is yvonne let's talk.

We are here for you. You are not alone. But I do understand how lonely you feel when people don't understand. Stay positive.

I too have fibro and can relate to all your saying. There was a year I couldn't get out of bed to go to the bathroom. I would hold it all day until I just couldn't anymore. That was back in the mid 90's. I can say I'm doing so much better in different ways. I'm out of bed and am able to take short walks a few times a week. My pain level is nothing compared to wait it use to be. I still have days I'm too fatigue to see my grandchildren even if it was planned. I also have times I can. I recently took a bus for 6 hours to see other grandchildren and I stayed for a week. Granted, after 3 days I felt it was time to go home, but I hung in there and actually didn't do so bad. The message I want to give is it is better now than before, even tho I still have some limitations. Life is so much more easier that I count it as a blessing everyday. It's my personal opinion that it gets worse before it gets better. I wish you the best.

I have it too sweetie . . . diagnosed about 12 years ago . . . I know I had it longer then that . . . takes forever to diagnose it . . . stems from a sever car accident I was in 23 years ago . . . I too sometimes feel its progressive but then I wonder if its just getting older with it that makes it worse . . . either way . . . it is a slow painful decline of life . . . I take some meds that have really made a big difference for me . . . savella being the best . . . has taken away about half the pain . . . I also take cymbalta . . . and prescribed pain meds . . . and take a good multi vitamin, a type of fish oil cap, vitamin b complex and vitamin d-3 . . . in combination does make a difference . . . also meditating is great for curving pain associated with stress . . . just some suggestions . . . hope it helps . . .

Thank-you for responding, I'm not quite sure what I'm doing, I've never been in a chat room before,so I hope people will bear with my confusion, which to seem to becoming more of a ritual these days...I to wonder sometimes if it is getting worse, despite my efforts, so I wonder if I'm just getting older...thought it might be nice to have someone to talk to that can understand better what I am going threw, I lost my best freind about three years ago...and I find myself shying away from people more and more all the time, so maybe this will help some I'm scared to try meds, so I'm trying to go with vitamins, diet, and exercise...and anything positive to cheer me up,music,crafts, photo taking,gardening ( has gotten very questionable this year for me)with the reaction to the cymbalta, seem to have knocked me down longer, then the last med reaction,well I also had a dog jump on me as I was trying to re-coop from that...anyway that you so much for the suggestions...I do seem to meed something to help with stress, and have been experimenting with meditation...Bless You!

the war on pain: NEWSWEEK magazines does story on the SCIENCE OF PAIN<br />

i agree with you on how many dr’s see it as a PSYCHOLOGICAL problem instead of a neurological problem. I know myself, and you know yourself. I too was super active: A power walker, got my degree with 6 kids and working, traveled out of town every summer, gardened, worked FT as a social worker--then one day my car was hit from behind and my spinal cord was stretced so so bad it now misfires to my entire body: spasms, pain, weakness, and fatigue. The pain is so awful at times.<br />
My siblings and my parent think “ I gave up on life due to some minor aches and pains” and that “the pain med are whats causing the pain” they have NO idea what its like to have daily pain for years, it takes a toll and its NOT SO EASY TO BEAT!<br />
My dr, luckily takes me seriously, he is wonderful! he thinks I have a neurological reason for pain and of course my neurologist does too. However, getting my disability has been hell! because I am in my 40’s and have a degree and can walk they say I can work a Job, the thing is I cannot work more than about 6 hour a week. I know this because I try it.<br />
<br />
I feel for you too and understand your pain <br />
Please know that there are many of us who do support you and UNDERSTAND AND WE ALSO CARE!!<br />
<br />
I wanted to add that on thing Ive had to learn is to ACCEPT it as it is and try to find moments in each day that are special, even if paining your toe nails.<br />
<br />
What is your diagnosis?<br />
<br />
I have studied CP for years and its all ba<x>sed on the central nervous system becoming injured or sick and misfires high pain messages from less painfufl situations, yet its just as real as if you were injured just today. <br />
<br />
Please look online for a NEWSWEEK story in June, 2007 “The New War on Pain” it’s about the science of pain<br />
<br />
Blessings, Ve, Colorado

I just read your story and wanted to thank you for sharing. I too am a social worker (or was) and had just begun private practice in 2004. The fibro hit me like a truck in 2007 and it has been downhill since. I was very actice working out five days a week, gardening, working two jobs, and truly enjoying life. The hardest part for me has been the isolation I feel with this disease. I don't have a supportive family - they just don't get it or don't want to or maybe they just can't. All I know is that I feel terribly alone with this disease. My husband is my sole support system. I feel like I am dragging him down. He is also disabled with back problems and cirrhosis but he seems to have a much better quality of life than I do - I know it doesn't sound possible. I was fortunate in that I got my disability in about 18 months, but I advocated for myself in a major way. I wrote letter after letter describing my symptoms and how it affected my work. Like you, I can't work more than about 4-6 hours per week, sometimes not even that. It is so hard to describe what fibro does to your brain. I explained to SS how much money I had spent on my degree and license, etc., and tried to make them see I would be an idiot to give all that up to sit on the couch every day. Speaking of the couch, I used to watch television about two hours a week. I now average about 32 hours per week. Have you read Pain Tracking by Deborah Barrett. It's a great book and has on-line tools to help you with the day to day struggles of this disease. I highly recommend it. I have kept my license up to date but am finding it extremely difficult to attend the seminars and courses I am required to take every year. I have written to NASW and NASWNC requesting they perhaps change their requirements so that social workers could take their courses on line in NC but haven't had any luck thus far. I have gone as far up the chain of command that I can go. Other states allow social workers to accumulate all the hours on line. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for making me feel a little less isolated. I hope I can help others by sharing my story also. Being a social worker was a true calling in my life and I miss so much being able to help people. Maybe in some small way my story will help others. Take care!!

I think getting together and talking about it helps so much because there is so little known that its hard to get info from anyone who doesn't have it. People tried to tell me that the heat from the showers helps but it just takes so much to get to the shower. Sometimes my mom will just find me sitting in the shower shaking because I couldn't get out on my own. It does cut your life short. I was diagnosed at 18 and its stopped me from doing so much. School, work, partying, driving so much has been taken (not that I partied.) but I missed out on so many life experiences

How many of you are feeling like you are forgetting things? I recall when my husband asked me why I could't remember what he told me the day before. I tried finding an explanation as to why remember things but couldn't. Then I went for a check up and found out I have really bad anemia and need to get shots for 6 months. The anemia was bringing on more symptoms including falling asleep all the time and the forgetfulness. I was also told I have IBS which is terrible because you can't even enjoy eating out on a good day. Today I am home in bed and trying to get some writing done, but the muscles keep twitting and the pains bad today. I have it when it's on Friday's because I really want to enjoy myself but seem like i have to try harder than anyone else. I hate it. Still I try to go one and will be taking up meditation. I love getting soft massages then shot bath. It seems to help. But who can afford it all the time. Insurance wants to keep you sick so you can keep taking meds, and doesn't cover these types of treatments. I still try my best not to take meds everyday. My bottle of Vicodin was so big when I picked it up from the pharmacy that it freaked me out. I still have more 3/4 of the bottle filled and they already called me to pick up my next presc<x>ription. Go figure. They want to keep me numb. BUT...I fight it and try to exercise, think positive, and keep my mind busy. Hopefully these shots and vitamin D presc<x>ripts will help. Especially boosting my energy. If you can believe this (which sounds crazy I know) but I went into a tanning booth once and the heat helped me. I had to sot though because I didn't want to turn into tan mom. LOL.... Keep the smile 2tired... try to go for a little walk in a nice area and look at pretty images. Do you have a hobby?

Regarding the massages, I don't know where you live, but in some cities there are massage schools and the students give massages for really reduced rates. I get massages twice a month and they cost me $20 each time. Compare that to the going rate here of $60 to $65 for an hour massage. I haven't had a bad experience with any of them yet. Check around - you might be surprised. I don't think I could live without my massages now.

My doctor is trying to decide if I have fibromyalgia or not. I have read a lot about it on the internet, and also read many of the personal stories posted, and I have many of the symptoms that others experience with this disease. He finally started me on Mobic for OA pain, but nothing for fibro yet. He was talking about starting me on Sevella with my next visit. I am able to continue work at this point but it is a real struggle to get through the day. When I get home I just collapse from exhaustion.

My skin is always so tender and the painful tingly sensation gets to the point where I want to cry. I've gotten massages and if they do it softly it helps. I've tried it all. Meds get me tired and I wish I didn't have to take them all the time. It's true that we feel as though we are making this all up. How many of us wouldn't love to just go out, have fun and laugh with a pain free day.

I am so pleased that I came across this sight. As I am having a really bad time at the moment . The pain and the fatigue is getting worse. Itry to hide it from my husband because he works such long hours. I feel so alone and miserable.

Please don't feel alone. I feel your pain and there are many of us out there. Keep posting.

Such a true post i to wish people can understand how hard it is for us! It afects my ability to get to work on time wich i hardly ever do and it also takes a toll on how well i do my job and to me it seems like it is getting worse and worse day by day. its hard to cope with i know that and it realy has killed my self asteem i feel as if im not healthy enough to lead a normal life and have fun or be out and about to much because the pain become too much to handle

Hello every1 I am new to this site and I have fibromyalgia. I am sorry, what every1 is going thur and it does not get any better. I thought with all the drugs and crazy drs. that I see it would finally get better (lmao) jokes on me. Just like the rest of u I feel pain, tingling, burning sensations, headaches, tmj, sleep apnea the list could go on and on and on but, for what no one listens were idoits that don't know whats wrong with us we r just faking and looking for sympathy. lol. Wish the could be me . Well, what finallly made me get on tonight was I went to the er cause I was feeling really mess up mentally, emotionally and physically. I thought maybe I would get a dr who gave a f____ and help me out but, of course no such luck. They sent me home and that was that. U know today I really got up and told myself that I didn't what to live like this no more. That I would be better off dead. But I have 2 children that need me some what and that I love..I got on here I guess just to write how I feel and maybe get some good advice and conversation from some good people. I hope tomorrrow will be a better day for me and every1 here.

To gone crazy, you just told my story, or some of it anyway. I also have to many chronic symptoms to list. I am a prisoner in my body, my lifetime favorites activities and joys long gone. I am really feeling sorry for myself. Out of shear desperation this morning I got online and ran across this site and began to read that I am not uniquely alone in this battle. I am sorry for your pain but am comforted to know other human beings know how I feel. I've had tears of sorrow and relief since I began reading. I am a 44 year old wife, mother, employer, grandmother, now retired fitness junkie, and I can,t do any of it well or even worth a damn. Ive had this thing for years and i truly cannot get used to it. It seems impossible to not feel like
an inadequate failure in my life with Fibromyalgia. I try to find hope that tomorrow could be better but today it's really hard. Hang in their everyone, with

You sound exactly like me, except that I'm 53, I've had it for 5-6 years. This is the most lonely thing I've ever had to deal with. If it weren't for my two daughters, there would be no one to talk to. So many symptoms to deal with it's unbelievable and a husband that stays gone for as long as he can. Bless all of you, we all go thru it a little different, but basically the same.

I feel trapped in my body. I'm angry that I have so little control over my own life. I can't do the things I used to do &amp; still want to do, not to mention all the things I once took for granted. The pain is debilitating, the anxiety is overwhelming &amp; the overall "feeling like crap" all the time is no fun either. It's good to know I'm not the only 1, because I really feel isolated by this.

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Alot of days I cant get out of bed aching all over and stabbing pain in back alot of doctors dont believe because they think they knoww it all a god complex for sure.

I wish I could send you to my Rheumatologist :( I think I got so very lucky when my neuro hooked me up with her. She is young and has a very different viewpoint on Fibro. She made sure to let us know that it wasn't "all in my head" and that she looks at it as a form of immunosuppressive disease like RA or Lupus and it IS progressive. She also said there was no cure but I think my husband didn't hear that part :( I was dx'd in Feb took her about 3 min to dx me, lol. Guess I hit on all 18 (?) points...turned out I have had it for @ 10 years and didn't realize it. <br />
<br />
The thing to remember is that Doctors work FOR YOU, not the other way around. They aren't gods and don't rule over your health. If you don't like the results of your treatment or consider your doctor's knowledge of your illness backwards and archaic, then you have every right in the world to find another one. Heck, my doctors themselves ask me periodically if I am happy with their services or would prefer someone else; and if I would prefer someone else they would be more than happy to recommend someone or refer me to someone of my choice.

Hi to all of you. I have had this disease(Fibromyalgia) since 1993. It has gotten worse from that year up until now. It is a disease that disables. I have support from all of my Dr's, and they know it exists. I was working 68 hours per week before I came down with this..I canoed, danced, attended my daughters school functions, cleaned, cooked, and read all the time. Now, I feel like I'm stuck at home, like a prisoner. I don't know if any of you get panic attacks with this disease, but I do. I have read that this is common among patients that suffer with Fibro. I have pain in my sholders, splitting headaches, neck knots that hurt so bad it feels like someone has stabbed me. I am finding it harder, and harder everyday to put up with living such a limited life.It doesn't get easier for me. I think the pain gets harder and harder to put up with. The interrupted sleep is also tortuous...It's like I need to escape my own body without leaving this world..ummm? when I figure that one out, I'm sure there will many that will also want to know how to do it huh? I think I remain very positive for as much that has been taken away from me, andalso how limited i have been feeling. This note doesn't sound like I am, but that's because I know you all know the suffering involved, and I don't have to hide behind a smile of being up and always optimistic.

Hey girl I can relate!!! You don't have to hide we understand how you feel. I am finally getting some relief taking a natural supplement. I am burned out on the prescriptions making me feel worse!! I'm taking fibro one, I don't know if it would work for you but it seems to be the only thing that's helping. Hang in there!!

I would be glad to hear all of your symptoms if you feel like unloading. I have had fibro for 20 years and I am getting symptoms that I have never had before. It seems like it is getting worse.

nothing feels worse than feeling trapped inside a body that is not working and every day brings a new symptom to worry about, but my symptoms have improved greatly through alternative treatments.

i was told i had fibro 15 years ago-- been to all the doctors etc. can anyone out there tell me if they have the same type of pain i do. i have pain very bad all up and down my back, my neck, my shouders,,in fact all my muscles and joints, i also have ibs and i do not sleep well, i hurt so bad , i just wanted to know i am not alone. when i tell you the pain is nasty i mean nasty. iam a former us marine, and it takes a lot for a former marine to admit to this much pain. by the way the weather does make the pain worst, like the winter and if its real hot. i do hope that all of you out there all the best. all the best steve

No, you're not alone, dear one.

your problem has solution go and get health

Thank you all for pointing i am not alone. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and had many different medications and although it was controlled i still had awful pain, fatigue and depression. Thankfully my Rheumatologist was able to diagnose in march 2011 so I knew I was not loosing my mind! I am lucky to have a good support team medically who do believe fibromyagia exists!!!! However, it is time that the government and other people see it for what it is a very disabilitating illness! Who wants to be in bed on a warm summer's day? I don't, I would rather be sitting out in it but alas I cannot stand the heat and my energy is zapped. Does anyone else feel like they need company but when the phone goes you just do not have the energy to talk let alone pick the receiver up! I have had fibromyalgia for at least 3 years. I remember the jaw pain! I went to a so called specialist who did not even put two and two together, the clues were there. At the same time I had the hip pain and flu like syptoms. So all we can do fellow sufferers is be there for other undiagnosed people and spread the word that FYBROMYALGIA exists and get help and diagnosed. I suffer daily but just knowing why helps take the guilt away when I can't cope and people can't see it.

I also have jaw pain along with chest pain and arm pain. It makes you think that you are having a heart attack. What are some of your symptoms if you do not mind me asking?

Hi, I am new. I am twenty and struggling with Fibromyalgia, I was diagnosed in 2010. it took doctors two years to figure out what was wrong with me. My dad also has fibro. so i grew up knowing what it was, but i never really had an understanding of how hard this is to deal with. I have great respect for my dad and how hard he works and how hard his life has been. now we talk about all sorts of different pain we get, and so far I am just like him. same symptoms and knots in the same places. the person I feel sorry for the most is my boyfriend he is a great man, and tries to make me feel better all the time. I feel bad because I know how much It hurts him when he cant make me feel better, and its hard because some times the pain is so overwhelming that I go a little crazy. I love him and would be lost without him. so far I have yet to figure out how to cope but I am working on it. its nice to find a place where others are going the through the same as me.

hi there am new to this site , i have read you storys and i carnt believe you all feel the same i have had this since i was 26 i am now 42 i felt so alone until now i also have other health problems . at the moment i have not eaten solids for 5 weeks because the f m has effected my throat and so i have loesd alot of weight which concerns me . i wondered if anyone else has suffered with that aswell as chest pain , its quite frightening really i have to teenage daughters and i seem to not have the get up and go , so to speak.

I also have problems swallowing, thot it was FB related, but didn't know.

food gets stuck in the back of my throat, but I have this weird ability to use my throat muscles to push the food back into my mouth to swallow again. I was just diagnosed with "atypical" asthma: I cough instead of wheeze.

Hi there, both of your stories really inspire me. Thank you so much: I was working full time a year ago, and today I have resigned due to health issues. I lost my insurance and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in February 2011. It is hard to get out of bed due to all the pain and depression. My boyfriend does not believe in Fibromyalgia, he thinks I'm making it up or faking it. I would never fake something as painful as this or wish it on anybody. I am taking Lyrica & Cymbalta to help does not take away the pain, but it does make it alot more tolerable. I wish everyone the best, and I pray that doctors will find a cure, or even (Start Believing In Fibromyalgia, a lot of doctors do not believe in it) Again, I hope I have helped with my story as you helped me. Feel free to email me if you need a friend or someone to talk to.

I have also had family members not believe I have anything wrong. They think I just want to take drugs. Yeah, I just want to be a druggy. Oh well, they should be thankful they don't have this.

Thank you so very much for your story because I was diagnosed with it in December 2010 and I feel the same way that you are feeling. Some days i am fine but other days it is just difficult to get out of bed let along begin a new day. So thanks for telling your thought provoking story.