Fibromyalgia Has Put Strains On My Ability To Be Stable.

What makes my struggle with this disorder and others that I also have, is that many (including Dr.'s) dismiss my complaints and concerns of these problems because of age. I am 20, and even though it is obviously being seen the mass population of all ages, are suffering from so many of the hundreds of illnesses out there, that at once upon a time were only thought of to affect older people. It really makes me upset and discouraged to being able to rid of these issues or at least challenge them, because to start with, the ones who can provide the resources for me to be able to do so, won't even take the time to test, study or whatever it will take to check and rule out what is going on with me. Even though I am young, and even when it was more just targeted to stress the possibility of illness to the older people, it was and is still not impossible for these things to occur in young people, and unfortunately, the present day is yielding to prove this by the drastic increase in the number of young people affected every year. But I still seem to get the immediate lack of concern from Dr.'s even though they know and see this. I have ongoing, never relieved, consistent pain in my upper and lower back that radiates around the connecting tissues, bones, muscles, that are in the area, in the exact same location on each side of my body. For instance, the areas that are tender and constantly sore are located on each side just below my shoulder in my back connected to the bone that connects my arm and shoulder. It radiates all around that area (especially across my entire shoulder) and in the connecting part of my neck. I have dimples in my lower back where the pain is generated from there and radiates on each side around my entire lower back. My spine always feels like their is something heavy putting pressure on it and sometimes is sore as well, although most of the time it is just uncomfortable there. The structured bones in my jaw, cheeks, eyelids, chin and pretty much every place internally, feels tender and sore. Also feels like there is heavy pressure identical to the pressure I feel in my spine. Recently,  noticed my lower legs around my ankles also feel tender and sore. When any of these painful areas are massaged, they never fully relieve the pain, but the muscles that are sore jump and throb and feels a bit of tension relief. This is so weird and I am very intact with my body, so regardless of age, as I once never had these issues, I know this is abnormal for anybody of any age. I just wish a Dr. could feel my pain and quit calling my a hypochondriac just because it is hard to pin point what is going on since there is so much widespread pain around my body. I also suffer from PCOS which I have read before has been studied to be linked to Fibromyalgia as well as PTSD, an emotional disorder I suffer from which also has been studied and thought of to be linked to Fibromyalgia. Its all connected, all I want to do is be relieved and healed. When  I do diet and exercise and cut out unhealthy foods, that is the ONLY time, my pain lessens. So I do believe that study that is strongly suggested by Dr.'s do play a large role in treatment for this illness. I still need tips and stories from people who not only suffer from it, but have found other ways to relieve this pain or at least lessen the symptoms.
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1 Response May 4, 2012

You have to be careful with which kind of dr you see. You need to go to a dr that specializes in fibromyalgia. There are dr's out there that don't believe in it, so you have to be careful. I hope you feel better. :-)