Do You Have Days Where You Are Ok?

Although I am sore most of the time I do have days or certain parts of days where I feel fine. I just wonder if everyone who has fibromyalgia is ALWAYS in pain? If so, is there certain parts of the day that effect you more. For me, around 12pm is when it kicks in.
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2 Responses May 5, 2012

Hello, I find it depends what I do in a day because if I exert myself I find on that evening I am in pain and the next day I can hardly get out of bed.

Yes I have times where I function better. Sometimes, very rarely, I am pain free! That's probably due to my pain med's more than anything else although yoga helps really well!<br />
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Did you read my story? You might want to I listed some yoga DVD's that are ten minutes and VERY good! All you need is a mat and a band (for stretching). <br />
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Today's a bad day:(. Hoping it will improve but literally couldn't move when I opened my eyes this morning! Entire body ached and my trigger points were worse!<br />
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Hope you have a better day!