I Need Someone To Care About Me....

Today was so bad! I'm tired of suffering I just can't stand it sometimes. If I wake up tomorrow & feel like this I don't know what I'll do!

I need someone to tell me it's ok, I'll get through this episode. That it will pass. Does anyone hear me? Does anyone care enough to respond or is everyone too busy like the people in my life.

I used to dance, write, work, foster babies, raise babies, make love every night, go shopping, cook, I was a community activist, I spoke out when I saw an injustice, I wrote poetry and painted, I made clothes for my children, I had a life.

Now I have nothing, nobody. Where are you? The ones who care.
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I hear you!!!!! I havent been diagnosed yet and I know I have it. Ive lost my life! And no meds or doctors yet! Its so hard!

I care too, and I feel your pain so much. I have recently lost many friends due to their ignorance and failure to even attempt to understand what I am going through. The emotional pain combined with the physical pain is almost too much to bear. I'm here for you, and please know you are not alone. We will fight this together, and come out stronger one day.

Thank you. I will add you as a friend and hope we can talk and become closer. I cherish all my friends so dearly on EP.

I also am very good with advice, if you ever need me.
Busy. Will write later. Not dismissing you, I have a two year old here!

I understand! I have a 5 year old, so I've been there! :)

I don't have fibro, but I understand the need to be cared for. I have diabetes and have lost my eyesight. The only way I can be on here is because the department of the blind helped me get a special software that blows up the font HUGE so I can see it. I know how scary it is to be alone. While I live with people, I am truly alone a lot of the time. They work or go to school. I have had two heart attacks and now have an enlarged heart they tell me so I no longer work. I share so much of what you wrote. I am new here too and do not have a lot of contacts or friends, but I am here nearly everyday. This is my only connection with the outside world. My friends have all parted except a very special few. But nothing like I used too. My family believes all my life is one drama after another, and no longer wants me around. I can no longer drive and am stuck in this house most of the time. I have to carry on like it is no big deal because, it is my duty to take care of the house and cook and clean etc. Sometimes I see better than other days, but after 2 surgeries on my eyes, they now want to do a 3rd, something i do not like the odds 50/50. Too risky for me. But I feel so very alone all the time. I do not talk to my husband, he now has a girlfriend. Since I have heart problem he has distanced himself. Like he is waiting in the wings for the day the hammer will fall and I will be gone. No one should feel like this.....

You're right, no one should feel like that! It literally makes me sick to my stomach what people do to one another!

I'm on everyday at least once a day, so if you ever want to talk let me know. I may not answer right away but I WILL answer.

Tell me more about yourself if you want. Do you have kids? Sometimes it makes me feel good to talk about how my life used to be and my kids, talking about them is great!

We can start a friendship:-)

I have two live sons almost 19 and almost 17. I have 6 angels waiting for me when I pass. I look forward to having a chance to know them one day. I am hoping I have a daughter or two. ;) I love my kids and have never taken them for granted. I know they are a blessing. I wanted them so badly. Waited so long for them to come. Saw dr after dr. Was told I would never have children. Then in 1991 I had some tests done that found I had a blockage in my cervix. One of the tests moved a polyp that had grown there. Once the test was over 6 weeks later we were pregnant. The polyp caused me to lose the baby at 17 weeks. It would not allow the cervix to close properly. Of course we did not know this was the issue until it was too late. He was born April 1st 1992, 20 years ago last month. I cannot tell you the pain that loss caused. The drs said it was a fluke but told me I would most likely not be able to have another, because of my age, cycles, and cysts I had fought all my life. Then much to everyone surprise I conceived the following October again! 5 of my children were due in October. My two boys I was able to carry were due in Oct but were both born 5 weeks early. How about you how many children? Do you work ? Are you married?

I have three children, one of which I gave birth to. They're grown. I went through the "empty nest syndrome" which truly almost destroyed me then, long story short, ended up with my youngests girlfriend and my grandchild living with me!

In fact he beckons! I don't work so if you'd like, text me again. I'll add you as a friend.

I'm so sorry I don't like not being able to talk but they are moving out mid part of June which will free up my time again;) I am terribly afraid that this will throw me into the depths of depression, I just have to be careful.

Thank you for your kind response. I take my friends on EP very seriously and cherish each one.

I truly hope we can talk again!

Hope u r both ok..I listen to anyone..I respect everybody ..I hope oneday all ppl have no sever problems at all. I'm sure this will be soon. Nasser

Thank you. I wish the same for all people. Maybe one day:)

I'm hanging in there, isn't that all we can do? Finding friends though and that's what I needed more than anything!

Isabelle, your message struck me hard. Even with having read dozens upon dozens of similar posts, I related very strongly to yours in many ways.1st let me say in answer to your questions: I hear you, I most definitely care, and I'm never too busy to lend support to one in need. You have someone in me, and I'm right here. I need not know you to offer the support you need and asked for, nor to FULLY relate to every emotion you listed, and then some! You are sooo not alone in your struggle, but I understand how difficult that can be to honest & truly believe. I have so much I'd like to share with you because we seem so very alike. Everything from a life gone AWOL, to those who supposedly care for you suddenly can't find time to call and ask how you're doing (or, God forbid, actually volunteer their help), clear to the "But you're so pretty, you can't honestly be sick" (no brags here either, that's what people say). So, without drawing this out any longer, I feel we could be of help to each other. I know I would welcome someone who understands into my life. My husband never could, or would, he's now my ex. I'm new to this site and not sure how to go about giving you my contact info if you would like it. I'll start by adding you to my circle. If you know how I can get info to you without posting here, please let me know. I feel can be of better use if conversations kept private. So I'm here for the offering if you're interested. If not, or in the meanwhile until we connect, please take care of and be kind to yourself. Someone does care...my name is Becky. God Bless

Wow you really touched me more than you could imagine, or maybe you can:). First I just want to say thank you! I desperately need someone, now. I get scared and depressed and it certainly doesn't help matters that I have no one to talk to, unless I pay them! You can relate to so much with me that I am excited about becoming friends. Unfortunately, I am new also and there's a lot I still do not understand. I think if you post on the "white wall" it's private. That's pretty much all I know right now.

Would you tell me a little more about yourself and/or your experiences?

I truly look forward to a long lasting friendship with you, even if it is on-line. If this works good for us we could go to emails if you'd like but we could get to know each other first.

Look forward to your next text!

Did your health improve at all after your divorce?