My Fybromyalgia Pain Dissapeared Two Weeks Ago After 8 Years Of Incedible Suffering. I Started Using Eft. Emotional Freedom Technique

Hi all, I am a 50 year old woman who suffered a traumatic childhood. I suffer from PTSD, Fybro, Scleraderma, chronic fatigue, chronic depression, and severe obstructive sleep apnea. My illnesses have wreaked havoc in my professional life. The pain caused fatigue, fatigue caused more pain and it was a constant vicious cycle. After years of medical bills, pain medication that you would not believe, anti depressants of every variety, trying to hold the family together and all of the financial burden things spun out of control for me last year forcing me to seek therapy or die. I found a coworker from a previous job on line and they had begun a holistic therapy practice. I started seeing Randy Hold of the California Stress Relief Center in Palo Alto, California. Randy taught me about how our systems work as far as thought, subconscious mind, conscious mind and body consciousness. He conducted simple exercises with me that introduced me to the different ways my subconscious mind was communicating with me or my conscious mind. Randy is practicing a form of advanced EFT or EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE. The therapy is based on Tapping on Eastern Medicines Meridian Points while engaging in Western Medicines Talk Therapy. The combination is nothing short of a miracle in relieving stress and reactiveness due to trapped feelings/ emotions from previous life experiences. The process is simple, fast and effective. Things that I had been trying to leave in the past my whole life suddenly lost the emotional charge that they had for years. This happened in two or three rounds of tapping while being focused on the issue, and we tested the results by having me walk back through the memory as if it was happening now and check for emotional reactiveness within my system. After tapping, the memory of the event was still there, I could pull it up replay it, only now the thoughts no longer caused me to become tearful. There was no more emotional hook associated to the memories of that event. It now was like watching a movie of someone elses life. This was unbelievable to me and of course I wanted more. We continued to work on my emotional issues using EFT for the next few months making record progress. My depression started lifting; my reactivity to stress started becoming less intense and shorter in duration. My energy levels started coming back up and I was able to do things that become difficult when you have Fibro. Cleaning house, washing dishes, cooking meals. This renewed power launched me a little further down the road of recovery. I began performing EFT at home on myself on a regular basis. The changes were miraculous. Two weeks ago I came upon an older copy of a book called THE MIND BODY PREscriptION HEALING THE BODY, HEALING THE PAIN by DR. JOHN E. SARNO, M.D. I started reading the book and found that I could not put it down. I spent 12 hours straight totally emerged in that book all the while checking my system for truth against the information that I was reading. I believe the experience of EFT has enabled me to check for truth in my subconscious and by checking for truth as I took in these concepts, something changed and after a tearful interlude with my brother on the phone over the global sadness of our childhood, the pain in my legs dissipated and for two days I could feel a surge like full circulation had been restored to my legs. The book indicated that the subconscious minds only job is to protect me and tell my body consciousness how to react and with what intensity based on all the information that my subconscious recorded throughout my life. Some of those messages got a little skewed when they were formed in heat of high stress or traumatic experiences. Everything that I encountered that remotely associated itself with a previous record would create a hook so that now this body reaction is going to be stronger because it is now firing on two incident responses rather than just the original event. Now we have hundreds of these things going on constantly in our subconscious and they dictate to the body consciousness (the part of our system that controls heart beat, respiration, etc) so by the time you reach my age you really have collected a system full of association responses that unbeknownst to your conscious mind, have linked up and gained huge amounts of veracity in your response system. Since our conscious mind only has 12 percent of the vote and the subconscious has 88% of the vote, there is no way we can think our way out of this vicious cycle. But once you realize this and adopt a tool that allows you to easily and comfortably begin untangling all of the association loops that were recorded and compounded over the years your body can and will heal itself. Today there is an on-line EFT WORLD SUMMIT 2012 going on that will continue for the next 10 days. Registration is free and they are conducting two sessions every night. If you are not familiar with EFT and are suffering from and auto immune issue, depression, chronic pain and fatigue I urge you to check in to this. Just maybe there is an emotional reason that your body is creating the pain you are suffering from. Get rid of the emotion and the pain stops. The way I understood how this happened is that experiences in my life that I found to be disturbing or traumatic were recorded with a break in my body's energy system. This does not allow the feeling, thought and emotion to complete its full circle and be released. These emotions thoughts and feelings remain trapped running from one point to another and then back again. Each time we take something into our senses that associate that memory according to your subconscious the same set of symptoms are initiated by the body consciousness. After this cycle has collected years of evidence that the belief is true the reaction becomes even more intense until your system really believes that your life is in danger and if the conscious mind comes into contact with this horrible truth it may kill me. My subconscious is now working overtime to protect me from dying so it creates a rule that will keep my conscious mind focused on external issues so it commands the body conscious to create a diversion and turn down the blood flow to my legs just enough to cause pain from lack of oxygen so that my attention will constantly be brought back to the pain in my legs keeping me out of danger of discovering the global sadness of the trauma I experienced throughout my life. The good news is that my system is working perfectly and there is absolutely nothing wrong with me other than I did not know how to release feelings. Releasing feelings is not something we are taught while growing up in the US. I beg all of you that are suffering to look into this EFT World Summit and see if it works for you. My results have been so miraculous that I am moving toward an EFT Practitioner certification. I would be happy to share my experience with anyone that is struggling for a solution to their suffering. I can be found on facebook as Penny Stout in Milpitas CA. The practioner that I worked with is at the California Stress Relief Center in Palo Alto CA, Randy Hold. EFT can be done over Skype if you are not local. Let him know that you heard of him through this post. I am so happy to be free of the daily pain that I was suffering. I never thought I would have another day in my life without pain. The future looked very bleak to me during those 8 years and at one point I seriously considered suicide. If you are relating to anything I have said but the system has depleted you of most of your resources and insurance won't cover this holistic therapy, please seek me out and we will find a way for you to check your system for its personal truth. No one should ever have to suffer as I know you are and I have. The only thing you have to lose by checking it out is your pain! Worked for me and many others. You may not be stuck in that hell after all! What an experience this has been. Please let me know how we can further get the word out to those that still suffer so that they might have a chance at freedom from this unrelenting agony. I wish nothing but the highest and best good for each and every one of you.
ILaree ILaree
May 8, 2012