Iam 25 With Fibromyalgia Not Long Been Told I Have This

hi my names rebecca iam 25 years old and not long been told i have fibromayalgia which i now  think i have had this from being a child and i was told i have adhd and ocd which i  dont think i have. from being a child the pain as been there getting worse and worse i feel so sad every day of my life if it wasnt for my 64 year old mum i dont no what i would do i feel like a burden and feel like i iam getting worse iam on a 6 week course at the min which is very hard for me. ive always been avery active girl always played sport and i cant do nuffing like that any more which really up sets me my brain wants to do so much but my body wont let me i am lay awake all night in pain crying i feel like i have something living inside of me. my head feels so heavy and my mind is so depressed alls iam living is a very painful life i dont no what to do any more i just writing to see if any one as any advice because i dont no alot about my condition yet xxx
blueydaisy blueydaisy
May 11, 2012