Finally A Diagnosis !!

WOW after being sick for 15 years I now have a diagnosis!!
This fibromyalgia is a real pain .. literally.
Untill a week ago I had never heard of it.
A new Doctor 2 hrs drive away in the city put it all together for me.
A visit yesterday to a neurologist confirmed fibromyalgia :(
The sysmptoms of mine are:
wide spread joint and muscle pain and tenderness
poor memory and concentration
headaches everyday
heavy feeling limbs
sensitiviity to cold, noise and light
I either dont eat anything or I eat everything
constant colds and chest and ear proplems
allergies (still yet to work out what too ???)
loss of strength
also have hypothyroidism hashimoto's disease


I am really down today, just don't know how to react to this.
In a way I am glad to have found out I am not a hypocondriac.
But know when I tell myside of the family they will look this symdrome up and go "oh yeah sounds bull ****".

I would like to hear from others who are on the same treatment for fibro/hypothyroid combo if possible..
Can we get better, is there hope?  Or is there only management of symptoms forever.  All the case studies I have read in the last wekk or so don't really seem positive in a cure.  I really do not want to feel this crap forever.  I wan't to be well and get pleasure and enjoyment again.. it has been sooo long :(

I take thyroxin 100 mg a day
metoprolol tartate 50 mg daily
amitriptyline 10 mg daily
and naproxin 1000mg 3x a week.
and I end my day with a stillnox :)

I wake up and the list of ****** symptoms begins again untill I knock myself out with another stillnox :(

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3 Responses May 23, 2012

Hey sweet ladies and mom's, I am a young mom of 3 kids and I just tell them the truth. I say, "Mommy can't do cartwheels with you, but I sure would love to watch you do them!" I also say "ow, ow, ow" so much that my 18 month has started to say "ow, ow, ow!" It's just sooooo funny! I think that kids are pretty malleable and understanding to the messes life throws at them. Yes I think stuff affects them, but having a mom with a chronic illness who loves them and cheers them on from the Sofa and the telephone is BETTER than a mom who runs off after men, or drugs, or shopping, or some other destructive vanity!!! So cheer up! Lay down, get you some tea, and write them letters, or make them a special gift (if your fingers work, mine don't every day :0) Love and Blessings!!!! Please add me to your circles if you want!

Thank You!! Means so much to hear this you have no idea - or maybe you do <3

You are so welcome! :-)

I understand. My oldest is 16 & he told me "I feel like I lost my mom." This illness is devastating... I can't do anything I used to be able to do. I went on a field trip with my youngest, who is 9, yesterday & I am really paying for it today. I could barely move this morning (worse than usual) it's always difficult for me to get out of bed but it was even worse today. My husband is great most of the time, but he sometimes calls me a hypochondriac - as if I would really choose to live this way. He works hard labor & he "just deals with the pain". I sure wish I could do that! <br />
I was diagnosed just last year, but have been in chronic pain since 2008 from a work related injury. I guess my family has gotten used to me not being able to do things the way I used to. But it's hard on them. All 3 of my kids start a lot of sentences with "I wish you could ..." it sucks! I had my thyroid tested, and it's normal, but just having the fibro & chronic pain makes me so exhausted all the time. I'm sorry you're going thru this & I hope your family will be more supportive. I've asked my husband to please look at the info on this illness, but he won't. It's hard for kids to understand why we can't be as involved as we want to be.

Thanks, nice to know I am not alone in being a Mother and not being able to mother the way I would like to be able to!
I am not sure how to explain things to my kids so they understand why sometimes Mum isn't able to join in or have the energy to deal with life somedays. I wish I could let them know that I want to but just can't most days keep up with them.
I was in the doctors yesterday and ran into a kinder mum there. after a short chat about what I got diagnosed with and my decision to take my self off the road untill I don't feel so out of it and light headed, she says to me "What about the kids ??" "Who looks after the kid's?"
I hadn't really thought about it untill then. I said "Things are just normal, I suppose my kids haven't known me any other way."
Kinda hit home then what I a (and they) are missing out on hey
Cheers Mel

Today I feel horrible. My 5 yo son said to me "I hate me whole family!" this morning and last night. My 8 yo girl... well that is a drama queen on the best of days. It really hurts my feelings as I love me kids.<br />
Just want to pack a bag and run away somewhere quiet today. Leave them all behind. I have given up asking for the shoes, jumper, lunch box or help with anything. I just get ignored and ask 17 times and no one hears me.<br />
Just don't have the energy or will power to keep doing this anymore :(.<br />
How do you explain to them that I am not right and I don't want to go to the school movie night etc with out them feeling unloved ??