I'm only 21 years old and I have undiagnosed Fibromyalgia....I have all the symptoms. Although I cannot afford medical to get the help I need and the couple doctors I did get to see ignored me when I was seeking help, they acted as if I only wanted drugs. Acted like just because I'm young I must be lying. They did Xrays and blood tests and found nothing but everyone in my family have the same problems...lucky for them they can afford to get the help they need. I don't know what to do anymore....I'm in so much pain all the time and can barely move or do anything...can barely even type this, I really just want to give up but at the same time I want to live. Dealing with this pain is destroying me. How can anyone live with this problem?
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I have it too . . . this is what's helped me . . . Savella . . . has taken 50% of the pain away . . . I also take Super Viamin B. fish oil caps, and Vitamin D3, and a good multi vitamin . . . this group is especially fitted for fibromyalgia . . . also meditation . . . if you need a friend I am here . . . I am very well versed with this disease as I have been dealing with this disease for 20 years now . . .

I'm so sorry. I have it too. Went through the whole thing with drs thinking I was a pain med seeker! Pissed me off. Finally a friend, who is a dr diagnosed me and sent me to a pain clinic.<br />
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I can tell you stress brings on fibro attacks. Avoid it whenever you can! I just went through two attacks about two days apart! Really just wanted to die. I understand your feelings because with fibro it's like a migraine throughout your whole body! Only you get the hot fiery tingling along with it! Pure misery....<br />
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I take echinacea everyday, that helps a little. Actually a lot because fibro is an auto-immune disease and echinacea helps with the immune system. Will NEVER go off of it! I take a lot of vitamins and see a holistic dr. He seems to be helping a little.<br />
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Anti-inflammatories are good but you have to be very careful they can do great damage to you if you take too much. Muscle relaxers are good when you're having a flare, very good.<br />
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If you can, since you can't afford a dr, go to a herbalist or at least a good herbal store. Or get online for herbs that help the immune system, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers, pain relievers, I think st johns whort is a good one. Can't remember it's been so long since I did research on herbs.<br />
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I'll help you anyway I can. Just ask.

Thanks for your support but I don't believe it to be a mental thing....tell that to alll the many many people who have it....people who were happy until they actually got it. I think I will look into a support group. Haven't been able to find anything yet though.

There's a good group on here. Just reach out:)

You know I just thought you're probably talking about a group you can meet with? Hope you can find one. I might do the same! Funny, I never thought about that!

I am a caregiver to my dear wife who's suffering from fibromyalgia n I can understand your anguish.<br />
But you are so young , and as fibromyalgia is a psychologically generated disease ,Please fight it by taking care of your mind.You have to fight off the depression, work on being happy n share your days trials with people who empathise.<br />
You seem to be in USA.If that's right, check out, there are support groups of fibromyalgia patients.They'll understand you,help you.Share with them, listen to them.I don't know about the medical/insurance scene there, but at least you can find some decent psychiatric counselling for free.There are so many NGOs n trusts.That will help with depression, anxiety n helplessness.<br />
But you have to rise n shine n shake it up n make it better.No one can do that for you but YOU.<br />
May you put up a great fight n win the battle.<br />
Love n Hugs

THIS IS NOT A PSYCHOLOGICALLY GENERATED DISEASE . . . and to tell someone who has it is cruel . . . you seem like a caring person . . . please educate yourself on it . . . more people need to be aware of this hideous disease . . . thank you . . .

I could not agree more. =)

I agree that it is not psychologically, this is not a mental health issue. I do believe where people get confused is that the mental aspect does play a role.

I actually believe that most 'mental illness', is physical in origin, but that is a different debate, but kind of relevant.

A positive attitude can help physiological issues and depression can make it worse. The mental does have an impact on the physical. But it does not cause this problem it just makes it worse and I believe it makes you more susceptible in the first place as well.

very good . . . you are 100% correct with this statement . . . thank you for the thoughful comment . . .

Very good statement!

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