i was diagnosed w/fibro 12 yrs ago, for the 6 yrs before that i was told i had mono,arthritis and was once told im a hypochondriac. doctors need to research this & the chronic fatigue that i have. every day is an effort with no understanding from family, friends or doctors. ive tried various depressants,muscle relaxers & just about everything. the unrelenting fatigue is the worse. if anyone out there has had luck with prescriptions, herbs or anything, please inform me. cant imagine what or where ill be in another few yrs if i dont find a way to control this. ive applied for disability and have been denied over & over but am seriously unable to function let alone work. has anyone had success w/disability benefits and have any tips for me, i would really appretiate it...thanks
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Hello there, I am new to this group and have been sympathising with people on this forum. I am in so much pain and know how it feels to be so fatigued that I can't exercise or even move some days. I also sleep for about 10 hours and am shattered after I wake up. It would be great to talk to others as life seems very harsh. I look forward to chatting to you.

I was recently diagnosed feb2012 and on sept 3, 2012 I decided to get off all meds and try acupuncture and chinese medicine ... since the 3rd I have had more good days, which are way better than the okay days and way better than the miserable days that have gone on since nov 2010, when I was involved in a car accident ... I have now put all my faith into these procedures, which seem to be helping with the symptoms as widespread as they are...I was too the point where I would try anything to see if it helped and if it did I would try again and again if it kept helping ...I have my 5th acupuncture treatment on sept 26th and have been following each and every detail that the dr/acupuncturist shared ...which meant a huge overhaul in diet, no wheat, dairy, gluten, nitrates, red meat, pork, seafood, and a few other things ... and taking 3 times the amount of vitamins and minerals a normal healthy person would, I also have invested in a pain of compression socks to fight the severe swelling that I have been experiencing in my legs, I am still experiencing fatigue to a lesser extent but just today the dr suggested to up my intake of hi-alkaline foods, lemons, watermelon, cantalope, celery, dates... just to name a few and these the dr stated should help fight the fatigue... I know that I am only 3 weeks into this type of treatment, and I also know this may not work for everyone, this is what is working for me currently..but I still can feel the fibro...lurking silently... trying to show itself somewhere in my body, ((gentle hugs and sending positive thoughts of hope and faith, that relief is soon to be found for each and everyone suffering))

So this people don't tink that fibromialgia is not a disabillity .I want them in my shoes I am currently applying for it I don't know what's going to happen plis give me n advise

So this people don't tink that fibromialgia is not a disabillity .I want them in my shoes I am currently applying for it I don't know what's going to happen plis give me n advise

Neige I am sorry to hear all the pain u r having. I what thru hell and back to get my disability it took me 6 yrs before they gave me mines. (though I had to get a attorney) and he ended up with most of the money/ I was a owner of a Massage clinic and due to this disease I lost everything...There r days that I wish that I could row up in a corner and just die....But I can't do that I have 2 boys and they r still young.<br />
My story is pretty long so maybe will finiish the next time....

Vit. B12 injections have been a godsent for fatigue

hi you can go your problem has solution...

I have fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, arthritis in my spine, nerve compression,,,I know what you are feeling. I have applied for SS Disability--I am using a company called Allsup-they do everything for you. Good luck!

My story is very similar to yours. I was turned down twice, then for my final appeal I secured a lawyerJackpot!

I also have degenerative disc disease, arthritis, fibro, and not one part of my body is free of pain.

Lyrica for pain has been a godsend for me.