Will This Ever Get Better?

Hey everyone!  I have been diagnosed with Fibro and osteoarthritis.  I have had pain and symptoms for about 10 years but just finally went to the doc about it and was diagnosed about a year ago.  I take pain meds, muscle relaxers, anti-inflamitories, etc.  I still have pain every day!  Today I started having muscles spasms in my ribs(that is the best way I can describe it.  It is in the back on my ribs and runs around to the front.) I am at work and I am so tired and tired of being tired and in pain!  Just needed to vent and as I am sure any of you with fibro know, people around me just don't understand and I feel like they think I am just whiney and full of it!  I am not and I HURT BAD!  Just want to go home and get on a heating pad, watch a good movie, and relax!  HA!  I found this site today and decided to join after reading a couple of peoples story.  I think this will be a good release as well as a good place to chat with people who understand.  I look forward to talking to you guys! Thanks for listening.

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I understand how you feel, I have chronic Fibromyalgia as well as RA...Very painful. I take pain meds, muscle relaxers and sedatives to sleep. This is the worse pain ever in life, I cant work, I cant do household chores, Not active at all bc the pain worsens. No one understands my pain. Like I can just jump up and go...No, I cant I can barely get out of bed somedays.

I've had fibro almost 10 years. I was pretty much bed-ridden for the first 3 years, needed at least 10 hours of sleep which did not refresh and I could barely answer simple questions. When I was diagnosed, I was given narcotics and muscle relaxants. I couldn't take the relaxants. Took narcotics for a year, then I developed a bad temper and ended up in jail for a day. Stopped the narcotics and didn't leave the house for 2 years. Then I forced myself to do one thing a day. I increased my goals slowly. Time changed for me. Instead of expecting results in a few weeks, I saw results in a few months. Now I work 30 hrs per week as a deli girl (at 44years old and holding 2 bachelor's) my brain finally cleared up last summer when I cut sugar and wheat out of my diet. I swim in the summer and bike the rest of the year. I still hurt, but diet helped a lot. Not eating enough red meat makes me exhausted and eating grains bloats my stomach and eating gluten and sugar messes up my hormones and my brain.

I am a vegan who is also allergic to gluten. I eat only whole grains (like rice and oats), fresh veggies and fruit, and proteins like beans, nuts, and legumes. I recently cut sugar out of my diet as well, and though I have seen minor improvements in my energy level, I am still in constant pain, extremely fatigued, and miserable. I\'m impressed that you can still work a job! That\'s my goal- to get well enough to go back to work.

I have osteoarthritis and my doc is trying to decide if I have fibro or not. Some days the pain is so unbearable. I hurt all the time, and I to have the muscle spasms you talk about. I try not to complain to much because people think I am a habitual complainer I think. I have no energy to speak of. No one really understands what you go through even though some may try.

I totally get you! There are days when I know everyone in the house will be gone doing their own thing and I look forward to just being alone so I don't feel guilty being in bed resting. The pain is so bad but as you said no one understands. We look normal so there must be nothing wrong. We are just whining all the time. I am so glad there are people out there who know what I feel like

Hi. Looking for someone to discuss Fibro with.