Alone Not Now

i felt very alone. no one understood wot i woz going through until now. doctors just fobbed me off until i went into hospital in chronic pain after 6 yrs i woz finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia wot a relief. thanks to this site i know im not alone
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46-50, F
2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

i have had it 8 years unoticed im 47 n have been now told ive got this for life so now i get on best i can one day at a time i used to be the lively one now i spend most of my time in bed in pain i simpathise with all with this illness

i have been sick for ten years with other medicail problems so it has gone unoticed till now i am 50 yrs old and feel and act 70yrs i dont think my family thinks its real its so hard to explain to people i seem to have very heavy arms and cement in my shoes and neck lower back has any one had it this long and whats my chance of a normal life