Fibromyalgia And Menopause

I was sick for nearly 2 years where no doctor could help me. It was to the point where I was so tired that I would sleep in my car during my lunch break. I was a single parent working 60 hours or more a week along with taking care of two young children. After my daughter had a 6 month go with mononucleousis and was well enough to go back to school, I had symtoms that seem to worsen. I only could eat egg sandwichs and would try to take cat naps through out the day. I went to my GP and told him I could not do this anymore. He tested me and found that my white count was off the charts and diagnosed me with EBV. Nothing you can do with this other than rest and reduce stress. Two month later I went back with total body pain. My GP sent me to a endrocrinologist and was diagnosed with Fibromyalia, which was very unknow back then to the medical community. They told me there was nothing they can do for it. I was told to live with it and that more then likely it would just come and go depending on my life stresses. I was devasted in knowing that I would have to live with this pain and fatigue for years. I decided to research medical books and look into natural medicine to relieve symptoms. I went back and had the doctor do a thyroid panel on me. I was Hypothyroid and he put me on synthroid. I was not as tired or cold but still felt awful most of the time. I decided to reduce that amount of processed food, sugars, and eat as healthy as I could. I kept up running and weight program that help me greatly. My pain went into remission for 2 years then reared it's ugly head again. I spent years on a roller coaster of good days and even months to really bad days. I had to just learn to live with this chronic pain.
As I have aged and now 53, I am in menopause along with fibromyalgia! Look at the symtoms of menopause and then the symtoms of Fibro- it is a double wammy!! I went to the doctor to get some help and told her I was having night sweats, not sleeping, my whole body ached and was fogged in the brain. She prescribed a mild antidepressant that was to help me with the night sweats and brain fog. I was denied coverage through Blue Cross for this prescription! I have never been this sore, and in this much in pain! The menopause exaserbated the Fibromyalgia! I thought for a moment that I might have RA but she didn't think so and said it was menopause. Right now I am taking supplements after researching what would work best. It is a hit and miss sort of thing. I just wish there was more to help with the all over body pain. My doctor told me that a weekly massage, daily whirlpool, and light to moderate excercise would reduce the pain. Great- The extra amount of cost to do this and the fact that your insurance does not cover this cost is ridiculous. A massage at $60 a pop, Club fee at $70 per month, totals $310 extra per month to manage pain. The new antidepressant cost was $145 per month. Seriously why has there not been more research on Fibromyalgia!
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Dec 10, 2012