Hi Everyone Iam New On Here,

i have fibromyalia and deppression but i think its bipola. iam seeing a sycoligst sn as my deppression as got worse. i cant sleep angry mood swings i have pushed my family away coz i get paranoined thoughts about them, i cant help it i feel like killing myself sometimes, i can be nice one minite then the next i kick off and cant help it, am on antideppressents diazapam solpadol ect, and i drop pain killers to make me sleep and now i have a diazapam befor bed to make me sleep, and i have to go the doctors thurs to tell dr iam taking more diazapam and give me more as i need them, does anyone else suffer like this please, thankyou,
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Hello friend, I suffer from some of the same things.. I have crazy mood swings and was addicted to ambian for a while. I have felt that need to take more and more to sleep, and was on a high dose of lunesta and 25 mg of ambian and three antidepressants not too long ago. I got to the point where all I ever wanted to do all day was go home and take my prescriptions so I could sleep. You are not alone!

I am not necessarily paranoid about my house-mates, but have found them to be supportive and understanding when I explained what I was going through. Too much medication to sleep can worsen depression and anxiety. I've gotten down to 10 mg of ambian, but my doctor wants me off of it at some point. I will not sleep for days without it, which makes he fibromyalgia much worse. There are better times ahead! I've been living with fibromyalgia for almost 10 years, and it is not something that goes away, but , with time, you can find ways to cope with it and learn some lifestyle habits that can help!

I'm only 25, and I have many years to go, but with the right doctor, support, some research, and banding together with others who share the same type of agony, it is possible to enjoy life again. I'm still trying to learn, and always will be. It's a continual project to find emotional peace with fibro, but you are stronger than you think. You have a strength inside of you that is waiting to be found.

If you want to talk, I will always be open. I just joined this site to share and connect with other people who understand. Isolation is painful, but the people on here verify that we are not alone! Sending peace and prayers!