Doing Better Thanks To Diet Changes

I was diagnosed with Fibro in 2010 (I think). In the Spring I'd had a bad week of feeling flu-like and running a fever. After that I never seemed to recover completely. Something weird happened with my vision and I was having really bad headaches on one side, so I saw my Neurologist. At first they thought I had Ocular Neuritis but later a specialist said there wasn't any signs of it. Eventually, I ended up being referred to a Rheumatologist, who said I had classic Fibro. I wanted to deny it, I tried everything to find another answer, but there wasn't one. I suffered with it for 2-3 years before I hit a point of willingness to do ANYTHING.

I'd been told by several people I should be tested for food sensitivities and I finally did at the end of 2011. Although the tests weren't back yet I decided to go ahead and do an elimination diet at the first of the year. I also had seen the movie "Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead" and that inspired me to try juicing. So, I started the year with a juice fast for a week. By the end of the week my husband was already commenting that I seemed to have more energy. I did. The second week I added in solid fruits and veggies and nuts. The third week I added meat and the fourth I stayed with a friend whose family is gluten & dairy free. throughout this I continued to juice regularly (breakfast).

I did finally get my food sensitivity test back and it did show that I was very mildly sensitive to yeast, gluten, dairy, whey & eggs. In the year since I've accidentally ingested gluten a couple of times and both times put me back into a Fibro flare for a day or few. Other than those two instances, however, I've been flare free. I've also lost 40lbs in the last year putting at a much healthier weight. I've kept my diet really clean overall, and tried to avoid processed foods and additives. I still eat out occasionally, but am very careful about what I eat and where. It's not easy but it's been worth it.
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Hi there! I so wish i could do a juice fast. But with my low blood sugar i can't. But my husband and i also watched that documentary and made us get a juicer! Ours broke unfrotunately and i never got another one. But i did enjoy it. I do make smoothies every day with berries, greek yogurt and almond milk. Gives me protein and very good! How do you get tested for food sensitivities? I think that is deff something i should do! Glad your feeling better! Blessings!

I went to a local compounding (/natural) pharmacy and they did the test and sent it off. You can get the kit and do it yourself and send it off, if you can't find anyone locally to do it for you. If you can find a good natural Dr they may do it. A good friend of mine that lead me to get tested was able to find a Dr that would test her husband. Most regular Drs won't go beyond allergy testing. Allergies are typically instant responses whereas sensitivities are more likely to show up hours or even a day after you partake of the food. You could also just do an elimination diet to determine what foods you may be sensitive to (although that might be more difficult with your blod sugar issues).