Accepting Fibrommyalgia

I have been suffering with this deliberating illness, for 12 years,that is what I know of. I think I have had it alot longer,most of my life. My family since I was about sixteen, use to say to me why are you always so tired. At that time I also I had back surgery, on my lumber spine. I still went on when I recovered, to playing a lot of sport,mostly hockey, which I played till I was 37> My first husband died in a horrible accident . So I had to move my family from the country to the City where I had and needed my families support, as my husband worked in a bank so we moved around a lot. My children were 13, 12 and 7. I thought it would be good to be near their cousins. After moving to the city I worked in childcare, also while I was in the country a did family daycare. I looked after 33 children in 3 and a half years, I looked after a 18 month old child with autism,cared for him the whole 3 and a half years. So when I did my childcare in the city I specilised as a support person for children with Special needs 2 of which both had autism, as you can see I have always have put a lot of stress on my physical body as well as my emotional stress. While I was working with one of the autistic child I injured my back, as he slammed into me and I fell pretty hard. Then one day changing a large childs nappy I damaged my neck. The one thing that was strange, was that this childs mother, plus the other support worker, both where diagnosed around the same time with fybro as well. I stopped working in 2000, at the age of 47. Over the years I have looked after 3 of my grandchildren during the school holidays and also my daughters 2 children on and off over the years. My grandchildren as hard as it is have been the main reason I am still hear, as many of you know,with chronic pain comes anxiety and depression, so there have been times when the pain has been so bad, that I have contemplated suicide, but also the toll on my children from their fathers death, I could not leave them. One last thing I have had to deal with is one of my sons got addicted to crystal meth, we had 4 shocking years with him. I also didnot mention I remarried when I was 40. My son who had the drug problem went on to marry my husbands daughter, so this put a lot of emotional stress on my husband and my relationship. To finish off my son is his old self got clean after being arrested for robbery, and had 2 weeks in jail,so when he came out hthey came and lived with my husband and I they had a 2 year old son and she was pregnant again. But that is all in the past now so I don,t think life could throw me much more stress I hope???. So this is my story sorry it was so long. I originally started to talk about acceptance Of living with Fybro. I will never forget my wonerful doctor saying to me, when you and your family accept my Chronic pain , this has been so true//. I am on durgesic patches after trying lots of different meds over the years,plus a few other con coctions. I am not saying the pain is a lot better, I just manage averything better most of the times. Still have some shocking days, but what more can you do but get on with it and ACCEPT IT.
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